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Mary Jo Kilroy just isn’t very good at being a Congresswoman.

WCMH TV in Columbus asked Congresswoman Kilroy what she thought of being so closely aligned with Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

After all, Kilroy’s votes have sided with Pelosi’s majority 98.5% of the time.

Her response, while barely coherent, will make your jaw drop.

Um. Speaker Pelosi is a centrist?

The woman that shoved the horribly unpopular Obamacare bill is a centrist? Cap & Trade? The stimulus?!?!

Hell, even her most strident admirers find Pelosi to be a far-left liberal.

I guess Kilroy will say anything to attempt to appease the Independently minded 15th congressional district.

But one thing she won’t do is make it easy to see her in person.

Note when reading it that there is a Thursday, April 22nd and there is a Monday, April 26th…but there is no Thursday, April 26th this month.

In Congressional offices, quality control is everything. As opposed to this blog where everything is virtually stream of consciousness, letters from congressmen go through a thorough process of approval – normally going from the legislative correspondent or assistant/caseworker, to the legislative director/district director, to the chief of staff, and finally to the Congressman for approval.

And no one caught this elementary-level mistake?

Who knows how many people this letter went out to in Kilroy’s district….and now your taxdollars must be spent to (hopefully) send a corrected letter so constituents don’t show up at the wrong time….whichever it may be.

Some people just aren’t suited for Congress. And Kilroy has proven she simply can’t handle the job.

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