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Maybe he’s trying to reach China.

If you’re stuck in a hole, do you tend to try to go up or dig yourself deeper?

Exactly. Up.

Well, not our President.

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

One thing is for sure – not only will this strategy not fix the economy, but with a headline like this it’s also not going to turn the President’s ever-sinking poll numbers around.

Forget R’s and D’s for a second.

It’s important to note that in March of this year – a month out from the passage of the stimulus – Independent voters in Ohio had bought into the President’s plan to fix our fiscal mess. According to Quinnipiac, these Indies approved of his work on the economy by a sizeable margin.

But since then, as they’ve seen the country recess even further and unemployment go far beyond what the President promised under his grand spending plan, things have changed.

Ohio’s most recent Quinnipiac Poll in November showed Independents had seen enough.

Compared with March, a month out from the stimulus passing, the economic approval numbers for the President among Independents have seen a 28 point turnaround in the negative.

So what does the President propose? ‘Let’s do it all over again.’

Mr. President, you can’t sell them on this again. These are the same tired arguments you’ve used for months, and evidence shows that they haven’t worked.

The all-important Independent voter ain’t gonna buy it.

And if you want to continue making the same mistakes, you won’t have as nearly a friendly majority as you have now come January 2011.

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