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Missing: One Spine

The Columbus Dispatch featured an article this past Saturday detailing the discussion between John Kasich, Governor Strickland, and the Big D editorial board.

The focus centered around the problem the Governor has decided to avoid for his four years as Governor – the approaching $8 billion budget deficit.

There was one exchange in particular that caught my attention:

“Now, I just heard John say that he thinks he can balance a budget with a $6 or $8 billion deficit by cutting,” Strickland said at one point. “I’m not willing to cut an additional $8 billion out of what we provide to the people of Ohio. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep that from happening.”

Asked if that includes raising taxes, Strickland replied, “I didn’t say that. I said I’ll do whatever it takes and you can interpret that however you want to interpret that, my friends. I’m not giving anybody in this room a sound bite.”

And anyone with half a brain realizes you just admitted to raising taxes on Ohioans in your next budget.

So when you’re going to be this incredibly transparent in regards to how you plan on filling the budget deficit, why show so little spine? Just say it, Governor. Everyone knows what you mean. The Dispatch writers who crave higher taxes probably had a little tingle go up their leg when you said it. But then it probably went away when they realized just how weak of a leader they had in the room when you couldn’t even say the words.

Ted Strickland is going to raise your taxes. Again.

Are you ok with that?

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