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More on DeWine…

Well, breaking that DeWine story sure caused a stir in the Ohio blogosphere today.

Go figure.

Conservatives are unhappy. Others think he can’t win. All kinds of e-mails are coming in.

Well first off, IF it’s true, there is one undeniable truth, Mike DeWine is the only potential candidate that has a chance at stopping Richard Cordray. Dave Yost, I like ya, you’re more my style, but you won’t raise the money DeWine will. You won’t have the political network that DeWine still maintains.

I agree, as a conservative, I’m not thrilled with Mike DeWine. He’s done plenty to piss off our Party. And that’s why it’s ok to support his candidacy. Why? Because his candidacy for AG is not a threat to the new standard bearer of conservatism in Ohio, namely John Kasich.

Listen, folks. We already have a solid starter and bench. Kasich is a conservative we’re all happy to support. Mary Taylor and Josh Mandel are on deck. Considering what we’ve been dealt over the years, Ohio conservatives have to be happy with that line up. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a conservative slate that can appease us.

Are DeWine and Husted perfect? Of course not. I’m still ticked at DeWine about the Gang of 14 and Husted’s ambition screwed us out of the Ohio House of Reps in 2008. With that being said, they are still solid candidates.

No one else being named to potentially run for SoS can rival Husted’s credentials.

DeWine’s name and network alone will force Democrats to spend much more on the AG race than they had initially hoped.

And both have a shot to win.

Republicans want the perfect slate. I hate to tell ya, fellas, but it ain’t gonna happen.

If you want to play the game based solely on principle, great. You can rest easier when you go to bed at night, but you won’t do so with a Republican ticket that can win.

You’re worried about DeWine back in office? Why? He is no threat anymore. His record stacks up well to run the AG’s office. But, he’s burned too many bridges to ever be Governor.

And what we have here is an opportunity to control the apportionment board, and that is hugely important.

Be smart. Look at the larger goal, namely, preventing Democrats from continuing the ruination of our state.

Then look at the alternatives. There aren’t any.

And what can happen? The Senate won’t change hands. The House has a shot at switching back to the GOP.

And if Kasich wins, we can start marching Ohio back to fiscal responsibility.

And all with a solid bench of Taylor and Mandel to boot.

Not too shabby.

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