More on the Green Jobs Myth

Governor Strickland is investing a lot of political capital in the advancement of “green jobs” to help solve the jobs crisis.

I’ve previously discussed what a joke the plan was in the first place, but more information has come to light that should force Governor Strickland to abandon his strategy completely:

According to an ABC News report, though, almost $2 billion in “stimulus” funding has been spent so far on wind power, and yet 80% of that money has gone to foreign-owned companies.

“Most of the jobs are going overseas,” researcher Russ Choma told ABC. “According to our estimates, about 6,000 jobs have been created overseas, and maybe a couple hundred have been created in the U.S.”

In fact, despite receiving this windfall of “stimulus” cash, the U.S. wind manufacturing sector actually lost jobs in 2009, according to a year-end report by its professional association. Also, most of the jobs “created or saved” in America have been temporary construction positions, or “management” hires.

Awesome. Just awesome.

And the use of these very same stimulus dollars for “green jobs” in Ohio is the first priority of the Strickland Administration.

Seriously, Guv?

It’s very simple – Strickland shouldn’t be trying to buy jobs – the Governor should be working to make Ohio more attractive to ALL private industry in an effort to bring them, and their jobs, into the Buckeye state.

Make it happen.

One thought on “More on the Green Jobs Myth”

  1. Yet again Kasich’s unofficial blogger from Virginia doesn’t tell the story… You know that Governor Strickland has awarded stimulus money for Ohio companies to develop green jobs in Ohio. You know that’s true.

    You’re taking a national survey of how the federal stimulus dollars were spent and falsely impliying that is the case in Ohio. It’s not.

    Keeling, I’m willing to engage you on the issues, so long as you’ll stay factual, but this is yet another outright misleading and false post.

    BTW, that CNBC interview with Kasich, yeah, he talked about green jobs in Ohio, too.

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