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Mr. President, how are you losing this fight?

Yesterday, CNBC released a new poll highlighting where Americans stand on allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire. The results surprised me a bit.

Fifty-five percent think increasing taxes on any Americans will slow the economy and kill jobs. On the other hand, 40 percent believe those tax cuts should be cancelled for higher-income Americans.

Only 14 percent of those surveyed believe that the government’s policies dealing with the recession are helping them, while 56 percent say the policies are aiding banks.

A clear majority of Americans, 55 percent, believe that the president’s economic plans have made things worse, running up the deficit without ending the recession or creating new jobs.

From a purely rhetorical perspective, how in the hell is President Obama losing this fight on tax cuts?

Allowing tax cuts to expire on “the rich” should be an easy sell. We are plunging deeper into debt. Shouldn’t the American people be primed once again for a ‘soak the rich’ argument?

Fortunately, we’ve become smarter than that.

Voter seem to have had enough.

And with studies like this one done by the Heritage Foundation, it’s no wonder.

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