New Romney Ad Features Ohio Business Owner

Ohio small-business owner Dennis Sollmann is the subject of a new Romney ad being featured here in the Buckeye State, and it’s another hard-hitting video:

Sollmann, a Sidney, Ohio native, is a true success story.  I had the pleasure of working with him in my earlier years, and though the president might think others “made that happen,” I can personally say Sollmann worked his tail off to build his small business. It’s about time we had a president who’s also willing to work his tail off to help small-business owners, rather than insult them for having the audacity to put their blood, sweat and tears into creating jobs.

 UPDATE (Nick): A local business in Lorain County has a message for Obama:

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14 thoughts on “New Romney Ad Features Ohio Business Owner”

    1. Yes, shame on Mr. Sollmann for providing electrical services to school district buildings!

      Doesn’t Mitt Romney know that children learn better in the dark and without heating?!!?!!1!!?!

  1. Wow. Performing work for government entities, and getting paid for that work, is now akin to “sucking off the govt teet”?

    No wonder he stayed anonymous. That comment is just too stupid to put a name on it.

    1. so public schools are now mere government entities and not evil liberal plots run by union thugs to indoctrinate our children into socialism? lol. I love you guys.

      FYI: I’m sometimes anon on here because Blogger (seriously Blogger) and it’s comment engine blows and I get tired of re-typing stuff.

    2. I wasn’t aware that opinion was something I espoused. Good to know.

      But if you want to make the argument that Mr. Sollmann’s business is somehow illegitimate because he took a public school contract here and there, let’s spin this on its side for a moment:

      Without electrical contractors and other businesses, who else would build schools, administrative buildings and hospitals? Does the government have a technically skilled and educated labor force at the ready for every job that comes along, no matter how specialized? And where do they get the funding for such projects?

      Oh, that’s right, individual and business taxes pay for that. And individuals and businesses build the infrastructure that makes government run.

      So, maybe the president should look at the house he’s staying in, and the surrounding buildings and think to himself, “I didn’t build that… small businesses made that happen.”


    3. A. Wasn’t replying to you.

      B. Nobody is arguing that Mr. Sollmann’s business is illegitimate (you’re doing to me what you thought i did to you). The point, which you are starting to now get is that we we all build the economy together. It is – or can be – a virtuous cycle. You can’t just cut it off in the part of the cycle where the government and our tax dollars go to help companies grow, thrive, or even exist. To do so would be intellectually dishonest.

      Yes. Individuals, many times with our (the government’s) help start and grow businesses. Those businesses and their employees in turn contribute dollars to the government to spend and in the general economy as well. The point at which you and the Romney attacks are getting stuck is it takes government to create a situation in which businesses can thrive. Surely you understand this given all the talk about “business friendly state”, etc. We may disagree what is and isn’t business friendly. I’m sure you would think 0% taxes is the ultimate business friendly environment, but that would leave governments broke with no way of supplying the infrastructure businesses need for long term stability.

      It’s symbiotic, but to accept the role business has in funding government while not acknowledging the role government has in helping business is partisan blabbering – and a lie.

      I’m sure that POTUS is fully aware what went in to his current living arrangements and even in his having an opportunity to serve in the capacity he is. I would venture to guess much more so than the previous occupant, but he too probably got it.

    1. I’m finding it extremely ironic that the same guys who bashed John Kasich for a supposed quote that they have no proof he ever made, are going to such great lengths to defend a guy who actually DID make an insulting quote on tape.

    2. I’m not defending anything as there’s nothing to be defensive about. I agree completely with Obama’s message in the speech (and so does your POTUS candidate btw). My actions are not about defending something, it’s about countering misinformation and distortions of the message.

  2. LOL are you kidding me?
    As a small business owner and a women I want to say that not one person making comments has any idea how hard a contractors works IN the state of OHIO.
    Has any you seen a “public” contract. Oh do any of you guys know how many contractors are not working in Ohio since 2008? Which make any “public’ work more completive. Just to get though the bidding process, which sometimes takes years and years to learn. I’ve seen bids with a 7 cents difference on a projected $40,000. Grown men cried that day. Oh and one more thing Ohio business owners are people not evil corporation in a Liberal Media Fictional Movie. We don’t have a regular paychecks, we have private health care, Mr Sherrod Brown is a true adversary and inflation at the grocery store is the real evil. You guys at 3BP need to start thinking who you are writing for and educate not argue.

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