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Faux Outrage From Nina Turner: Is She A Racist Or A Hypocrite?

Most of us heard the story about the boy who cried, “Wolf!” as a child. Well, Nina Turner would probably tell you that is a sexist story and completely untrue. And if it was black ink printed on white paper, it was likely racist as well.

Down in the polls and desperate for any traction, Turner claims that an ad by Secretary of State Jon Husted is racist. The facts aren’t the issue, rather the issue is that the ad uses black and white images and is a “dog whistle” for racism. She says the ad is “vicious, racist and sexist.

‘”I’m calling it the way that I see it. It was deliberate for him to put me in black and white and to put it in the minds of voters, to paint me as the other.”

Nina Turner is either a hypocrite or a racist if she applies her own standards to herself.  In 2006, Ted Strickland was the Democratic Gubernatorial candidate.  His Republican opponent was Ken Blackwell.  Then Councilwoman Turner supported Strickland, who is white. Turner didn’t raise opposition, at least publicly, to Strickland portraying Blackwell in black and white.

Screenshot_10_28_14,_8_35_PM Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 8.44.20 PM
Turner actually uses black and white pictures on her own website.

She even has a black and white photo on her Instagram account.  Please, someone alert Al Sharpton.

On MSNBC, while objecting to updating Ohio’s voter rolls, Turner compared her Republican colleagues to members of the Ku Klux Klan. 

“This is as much about race as it is about class. The maelstrom of bigotry and foolishness going on in the state of Ohio – the state of Ohio has become the new South, and not in a good way. This post-reconstruction type of antics that Republicans are using is absolutely wrong. And just because some of my Republican colleagues have chosen to wear a blue suit over a white sheet in the 21st century does not change the fact that these rulings – this directive that has come down from the secretary of state – has a disproportionate impact on African-Americans.”

As a State Senator, Turner has the opportunity to distinguish herself as a role model to the electorate.  Even though I don’t agree with her politics, I recognize the importance of her position in the community and to her constituents.  But, Turner instead clings to perpetual victimhood.

By tossing claims of racism and sexism around so casually, she is doing her supporters harm. At what point are her ethical standards applied to herself? By her own standards, she is either a racist for using the same techniques she lashes out at or she is a hypocrite.

In a desperate plea for votes for her failing campaign, Turner is the one crying, “Wolf!” Nobody appears to be listening.



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