Not Very Vice-Presidential

Joe Biden has lived up to the expectations of what I labeled his “Biden Gaffes Ohio Tour”. Today, Vice-President Joe Biden delivered a speech in Milford, Ohio. Milford is a suburb of Cincinnati. To introduce the Vice-President, the Obama campaign used Gabby Downing, a female social studies teacher from Milford High School.

Ms. Downing is an attractive, middle-aged woman. Gabby and I may disagree on political views, but she seems very intelligent and classy. Far too classy to entertain the comments that Vice-President Biden made as she was leaving the stage. “If I had Gabby teaching me high school, I would have wanted to stay four more years too!”, said Joe Biden.
The Democrats will try and spin that as “She’s a great teacher, and if he had an excellent teacher like her, he would want to continue learning!”. However, given Biden’s other womanizing antics over the “Biden Gaffes Ohio Tour”, that spin will not work.
At a campaign stop at Cruisers Diner, in Seamen, Ohio, Vice-President Biden used his influence to get a group of “gorgeous” women on television. Then, the Vice-President decides to get a little close with a female biker. 
Photo by AP
Zeke Miller, a member of the press, was with Vice-President Joe Biden on his Ohio tour. He tweeted the following when asked what happened to enable this woman to be in such close proximity as the Vice-President:

That is very convenient. The true story of what happened will remain a mystery.
Objectifying women has become par for the course with Democrats. Here in Ohio, we have the alleged wife beater, Sherrod Brown, and the admitted wife beater, Charlie Wilson. The list continues with the likes of Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer and Jerry Springer.
Democrats, please stay classy. 

4 thoughts on “Not Very Vice-Presidential”

  1. Democrats stay classy?
    Please, Jen, give us a break. Your little article was quite sleaze ridden. Not out of the ordinary for you folks.

    1. How do you think NBC/ABC/CBS/CNN/MSNBC et al would have reported this story if the pic was of Paul Ryan instead of Joe Biden?

      How about it the aforementioned media start doing their jobs and stop covering up for BHO/JB, which, is exactly what “you folks” do!

  2. This bias by the libs and the media always amazes me. If you remember Packwood (OK, liberal Republican) was drummed out of the Senate because he had an affair with a female staffer. We had a conservative Rep. from Illinois Dan Crane who also was drummed out for an affair with a staffer. Then Martin Hoke was highly criticized for his comments about a female reporter’s “breasts.” The two affairs were wrong and they deserved what they got!
    Yet the Dem’s that have been mentioned Clinton, Kennedy and on and on can do the same and worse (Barney Frank) and yet the press and the libs ignore it. In fact these Dem’s get praised for supporting women and respecting women’s rights.

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