Oh jeeeeezzzz I dunno :scratches head:

It seems Paula Brooks isn’t just bad at figuring out whether or not to move to the congressional district she wants to represent.

She also can’t make up her mind on the issues voters elected her to office to decide.

Franklin County taxpayers are getting such a great deal from a company that runs its $60.7 million employee health-insurance plan that it shouldn’t bother getting competitive bids, a county benefits manager recommended.

However, two county commissioners say bidding gives the best chance to save money and, unhappy that the county has fallen months behind, told county human-resource officials to get started.


[But] Commissioner Paula Brooks said she has yet to make up her mind: “It costs time and money to bid sometimes. There are arguments on both sides.”

Come on, Commissioner Brooks. Do the job you were elected to do – preferably before you trim the hedges of your home in the 15th congressional district.