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Oh no. Not another one.

I’m running out of fingers.

I can’t keep up with the malfeasance of the Strickland Administration.

I’m sure many of you saw this on the front page of the Dispatch this morning:

The House of Strickland seems filled with scandal, mishaps, boondoggles, and flubs.

Care to take a walk down memory lane?

  1. The Governor blows it on NCR in Dayton.
  2. Fisher’s Jobs Czar replacement, Mark Barbash, steps down as Development Chief thanks to tax problems.
  3. Strickland blows through $5 billion in tobacco money.
  4. The firing of School Facilities Chief Michael Shoemaker and replacing him union goon Richard Murray who promptly abuses the office for big labor gains.
  5. The Guv begs to spend $400 million to buy a train no one will use and asks the same guys responsible for the Big Dig in Boston to be in charge.
  6. A man once hired by Strickland to head a state office because of his ties to Ohio’s religious community gets busted for being a real-life Pimp
  7. More than 60,000 social security numbers were entrusted to an intern….who lost them.
  8. Strickland fails to provide any plan to pay the $3 billion it owes for federal unemployment funds. This could end up costing Ohioans $120 million a year just in interest.
  9. Strickland’s Public Safety Director facilitated a cottage industry that charged immigrants hundreds of dollars each for registrations. 
  10. After firing several prison guards for selling drugs to inmates, lying to supervisors and outright incompetence, the Strickland administration re-hired state prison guards who had been fired for lying, incompetence and dealing drugs
  11. The Ohio Department of Transportation awarded millions of dollars in state contracts to vendors in exchange for bribes, free services, and free trips.
  12. “One of Gov. Ted Strickland’s top cabinet officials lied under oath about a decision to scrub a criminal investigation at the governor’s mansion to save Strickland from political embarrassment.” 
  13. Strickland forgot to submit the necessary paperwork for Senate approval of cabinet officials.
  14. He shut down the worker inmate program after one prisoner was found with a BAC of .257 after chugging some of the Gov’s stash.
  15. Speaking of booze, we have to include the Governor’s lobbyist at the Department of Public Safety resigning after getting busted for DUI.
  16. And how could we ever forget the Governor’s requirement to fly the state airplane to CMH from OSU’s airport in order to save him 14 minutes of time. Just don’t forget the warm cookies.

Yeesh. I’m exhausted. And I still feel like I missed some. Feel free to add in the comments so we get the all.

But reading this list, and digesting the total abuse of power from Josh Engel as detailed in today’s Dispatch article, makes you question the judgment of the Strickland Administration to enable such abhorrent behavior.

This list is Ted Strickland’s government. It’s his record. Want more?

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