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Ohio Congressional Dems are getting desperate. And getting caught.

As we can tell in yesterday’s outburst by the ODP Chairman, things aren’t going well for Ohio Democrats.

It’s gotten so bad that a trend has begun among a number of their congressional candidates.

Within the millions of dollars they are spending on TV ads, they can’t seem to tell the truth.

First, there’s Betty Sutton getting the Politifact treatment…

Then there’s Marcy Kaptur getting nailed by the left-leaning Factcheck…

Factcheck also gave their treatment to Mary Jo Kilroy for the inaccurate statement in her first TV ad…

And, of course, Zack Space was found guilty by the Ohio Elections Commission for lying in his TV ad…

Is this really what Ohio’s congressional Democrats have been reduced to?

What’s so scary about your voting record that you can’t discuss what you’ve accomplished?

Other than Obamacare, the Stimulus, Cap & Trade, and on and on and on, of course.

The harshly negative TV ads right out of the box by so many Ohio Democrats is a an odd choice. Whether directed by Chris Redfern or not, the decision by so many Ohio Dem candidates to go negative first rather than work to improve their own standing seems to be a downright odd strategical decision. Strickland did it, and look where it got him. Fisher did it. Then we saw it among a number of targeted congressional candidates.

When will candidates learn that you can’t go negative right way, especially when your approval ratings are in the toilet? You have to nurture your image until the electorate is ready to trust any comparative or negative ads.

That’s a strange Party you’re running there, Mr. Chairman.

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