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Ohio Democrats are two-faced on “Golden Week”

Giving Boards of Elections time to properly register voters, maintaining one of the longest early voting periods in the country, and protecting our elections are all ideas Ohioans agree upon. But these fundamental ideas are no longer supported by the hypocritical Ohio Democratic Party.

Last week, the State Legislature passed Senate Bill 238, eliminating six early voting days. These early voting days allowed people to both register to vote and cast their ballot on the same day. This week became known as the “Golden Week,” but has done nothing more than create ample opportunity for voter fraud and cost counties thousands of dollars. The perfect environment for raising taxes and skewing elections.

Democrats are now objecting to the ideas that they have voted for! In 2009, Democrats sponsored and passed House Bill 260 which eliminated the “Golden Week” out of the Democrat controlled House.

Now that eliminating the “Golden Week” might hurt their party, they are outraged that this legislation is being passed. Typical hypocritical attitude perennially shown by Ohio Dems. Draining counties of money and illegal voting have been a staple of the Ohio Democratic Party for years, so this should come to no surprise that they are upset at this change.

Tracy Maxwell Heard

Tracy Maxwell Heard

Senate Bill 238 will give county boards of elections more time to properly register voters in their busiest time and save them thousands of dollars. Sounds prudent and responsible, but not to the two-faced Ohio Democrats.

Ohio Democrats claim the law is a vote suppressor. The fact is Ohio will continue to have one of the longest early voting periods in the United States. Their focus on objecting to the “Golden Week” is a clear contradiction and another way Democrats are trying to slant elections to create an environment where voter fraud can flourish.

Before Democrats complain about this bill, they should answer for their vote in 2009. But that will never happen with Nina Turner and Chris Redfern running the show at ODP.

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