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Ohio Dems: Feel the Enthusiasm!

Apparently the Ohio Democrats have finally realized the Ohio jobs crisis is the number one issue on the minds of voters. So how do they fix the crisis?

Hold a rally!

But based on the responses to the event’s wall on facebook, I’m left to wonder what are the minimum number of people necessary to qualify as a “rally”.

Three people. Three.

The “Ohio Dems”, the host of the event, has over 4,000 friends on facebook, and yet there are only three people RSVP’d to the rally.

Now don’t get me wrong. Of course there will be more than three people there. You could hold a rally promoting Anorexia in Puppies on the Statehouse lawn, but as long as you offer free refreshments you’ll get people there. And of course the labor unions will ship people in for the show.

But a larger point remains.

Rallies aren’t what Ohioans want from their leadership after 17 straight months of double digit unemployment. They want ideas. They want action. Not screaming into a bullhorn.

This rally, no matter what the attendance, speaks volumes about the detachment Democrats have from reality. While Strickland embraces the status quo, Kasich is talking straight to voters about the jobs crisis and his plans to move Ohio past it.

Strickland’s response? I did that already. Well, Governor, if you did it already, you didn’t implement it very well because right now there are over 600,000 unemployed Ohioans. Between July and August Ohio lost over 15,000 non-farm salary jobs and more than 15,000 Ohioans completely gave up on trying to find a job.

In fact, since Strickland took office, Ohio’s workforce has only been smaller on three other occasions. It hasn’t been as low as it is now since January.

Strickland’s team did get one thing right. It is about the jobs.

Unfortunately for him, Ohioans want results. Not rallies.

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