Ohio Unemployment Falls, Continues To Outpace National Rate

The October unemployment rate for the Buckeye State was released this morning, and it comes in a full 1% lower than the national rate:

Ohio’s unemployment rate was 6.9 percent in October, down from 7.1 percent in September, according to data released this morning by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS). Ohio’s nonfarm wage and salary employment increased 13,900 over the month…

The U.S. unemployment rate for October was 7.9 percent, up from 7.8 percent in September… [Emphasis mine]

Ohio’s rate has continued to outpace the national rate ever since voters replaced failed Governor Strickland back in November 2010.  And with last Tuesday’s election results, it’s crucial now more than ever to have strong state leadership. 

When Obama’s policies start costing jobs right and left, it’s those leaders that will keep Ohio’s economy moving.

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7 thoughts on “Ohio Unemployment Falls, Continues To Outpace National Rate”

  1. Kasich’s kept taxes the same as Strickland, the regulatory environment is pretty much the same (in fact, Strickland’s regulatory reform effort changed ten times as many regulations as CSI has in the same time span).

    And unemployment rate is dropping at a slower rate (2011 or 2012) since Kasich took office than it did under Strickland in 2010. In fact, Ohio created more jobs in 2010 than 2001.

    Strickland inherited a State that in “good” economic times had an unemployment rate above the national rate, sheparded through the recession, and as this post pointed out, left office with the State outpacing the national rate with a lower unemployment rate.

    Yeah, let’s continue to pretend it has something to do with John Kasich, though. LOL

    1. In 2012, with two months to go, Ohio has already created 72,000 jobs.

      In 2010, Ohio created 48,000 jobs.


      Wow. That’s just plain goofy.

    2. Modern, Taft sucked, he was an embarrassment. I would not vote for him to be on my city council. I am a republican but I am man enough to know when someone I supported was a loser.

      Now lets talk about you. Why do you still talk about Ted Strickland like he was a good Governor. He was terrible. It is ok to admit. WHy are you obsessed with propping up a total failure? I know it is in your blood as a progressive to tout failure as success, but this goes beyond that. Are you Progressives seriously considering running this guy for Governor again? Is your back up plan Cordray, a guy in charge of a shady Obama group that has no oversight and appointed him outside of the government law? Are these two the best you guys have?

      When someone is a loser, admit it and move on, it makes you much more credible.

    3. Rambo….you haven’t moved yet?

      “When someone is a loser, admit it and move on, it makes you much more credible.”

      Any thoughts on Mitt and Joshie, they lost, didn’t they?

  2. Economy in Ohio was already moving well before Kasich took office. All the jobs we gained in October pretty much just even out the nearly 12k jobs lost in September.

    This site keeps wanting to give Kasich the credit, but conveniently ignores that the economic recovery began before Kasich. Taxes in Ohio are the same as under Strickland. Kasich’s CSI has just started this year and has done 1/10th of the work Strickland’s regulatory reform effort did.

    Kasich’s energy policy is just a slightly modified version of Strickland’s, too. The two biggest months of job growth occurred AFTER voters repealed SB 5, which Kasich said would hurt our economy.

    He’s made our cities less competitive through his budget which has driven up local tax rates, which makes the entire State less competitive.

    74% of what JobsOhio has done the past quarter was to give government assistance to companies for jobs that were already in Ohio and existing… without government assistance. Kvamme has bailed and the whole thing is stuck in the constitutional mess we all predicted it’d be.

    Kasich simply hasn’t done anything to deserve credit. It’s like crediting Kasich with OSU winning a football game.

    1. Um, an 8 billion dollar deficit disappeared under Kasich. You’re admitting Strickland would have raised state taxes, and you support that.

      Which local taxes did Kasich raise?

      Are you opposed to the local tax issues passed by local voters? Which ones specifically?

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