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Ohioans have common sense.

The Buckeye Institute is an organization that has an agenda – that agenda being focused on encouraging fiscal responsibility in government.

But that agenda shouldn’t lead Strickland’s team to dismiss a new poll that has some bad news for the Governor and other proponents of the status quo.

The poll’s sample included 1,800 Ohioans and the Party breakdown actually turned out to be particularly kind to Democrats. 40% of those surveyed were Democrats, 28% Republicans, and 32% Independents. The particularly large sample size (about 700 more than the average Quinnipiac poll) enabled a a small margin of error – just 2.31%.

I suggest reading the entire report, but there were a few results that particularly stood out.

The Deficit
When asked what they preferred as a means to solve Ohio’s upcoming $8 billion deficit, voters were given three options: Reducing gov’t compensation (read: pensions), cutting government services, and raising taxes.

The first choice across the board, among Dems, GOPers and Independents, was reducing pensions.

The second choice, far and away was cutting government services, once again across the board.

Increasing taxes was the clear loser. Remember, Strickland has refused to pledge to not raise taxes. And his only rhetoric against raising taxes was a statement about it being a bad idea to raise taxes “during a recession”. What does that mean? As soon as Strickland deems our economy out of a recession, tax hikes are on the way.

Ted Strickland doesn’t seem to mind having the debate on taxes. After these results, I hope he continues that trend.

59% of Independents believe state and local taxes are too high. Even more amazing? 41% of Democrats feel the same way.

Think about that. When Strickland embraces the status quo, he’s sending a message to a large chunk of his base and the plurality of swing voters that he disagrees with them.

Kasich likes to talk about regulation reform in order to make the business environment more friendly.

Well, 61% of Independents and 41% of Democrats actually side with Republicans on this one in the belief that Ohio’s regulatory environment makes things more difficult for business.

Ted likes him some big labor.

Unfortunately for Ted, that doesn’t exactly work for the rest of the state.

77% of Democrats, 93% of Republicans, and 88% of Independents believe workers should have the right to choose to be a part of a labor union.

Ted disagrees.

Let’s have the conversation on the budget, taxes, and the economy as a whole, Governor. If these results are any indication, it won’t turn out too well for you.

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