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OMGZ!!!11!!11! GOP Party ID is down to 20%!!!

In all likelihood, by now you’ve probably heard a neighboring liberal cooing over a Washington Post/ABC poll that found only 20% of Americans identify themselves as Republicans.

Aw, darn.

Well, while they are busy rejoicing over how people identify themselves, we are busy winning the issues and the ballot.

First off, the issues.

Ten out of ten.

And what about the generic congressional ballot?

GOP is up by 5 points.

And among independent voters that bumps up to +17.

Now, admittedly, these numbers come from Rasmussen, not the Washington Post.

Of course, an analysis by Fordham University found Rasmussen to be the most accurate national pollster in 2008, so it may behoove you to consider their findings legit.

Oh, and the Washington Post/ABC? Well, they were 14th.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has a good blurb on the Post’s mess of a sample.

The sampling comprises 33% Democrats, as opposed to only 20% Republicans. That thirteen-point spread is two points larger than their September polling, at 32%/21%. More tellingly, it’s significantly larger than their Election Day sample, which included 35% Democrats to 26% Republicans for a gap of nine points, about a third smaller than the gap in this poll. Of course, that’s when they were more concerned about accuracy over political points of view.

Remember when I wrote that poll watchers need to remember the recent Gallup poll on party affiliation? Gallup polled 5,000 adults and found that the gap between Democrats and Republicans had closed to the smallest margin since 2005, six points, and had been reduced more than half since the beginning of the year. For the WaPo/ABC poll, though, their sample gap has increased almost 50% during that time.

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