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In February of 2009, House Democrats and President Obama took ownership of the Stimulus package when Republicans unanimously voted against it after several weeks of debate.

Since then, the Stimulus has proven to be a wasteful program that the vast majority of Americans have come to perceive as a waste. And thanks to the unanimous nay from the GOP last year, that blame can be totally blamed on the Democrats.

The Obamacare debate takes the concept of ownership to a whole new level.

Thanks to months of bickering and distractions, fights over reconciliation, disputes over deem and pass, and everything else in between, it couldn’t be more clear that Obamacare is the baby of congressional Democrats and the President.

But that’s where Democrats face a serious problem. As damaging as the Stimulus was proving to be, Obamacare can make things far worse from an electoral perspective.

At least the with the jobs crisis, numbers can be twisted and fights can be made to mediate the political damage. But with Obamacare, there are no substantive tangible benefits to be seen for years after its inception. That provides an opportunity for Republicans to continue to take full advantage of the political negatives of the legislation without the opportunity for Democrats to find any decent talking points to defend the bill.

If this mess of a bill does indeed pass, I can at least take solace in the ability to utter “I told you so” to every Democrat who gets voted out of office.

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