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Peggy Joseph for President

Well, it’s actually Barack Obama, but they’re the same. They want someone else to pay for their goodies.

Generations of cradle-to-grave liberal policies and programs dispensing freebies – housing, healthcare, cash assistance, food, and new even cell phones – have succeeded only at creating huge disincentives to work.

The number of people on the dole has soared dramatically under Obama, increasing 23% in just two years. Today, more than 70% of the federal budget is spent on programs fostering dependence.

Which led Rush Limbaugh to say “Why work?”

To illustrate how the dependency programs are destroying the Middle Class. This chart, using Mississippi data is an example. If a single parent had a part time job making $14,5000 a year, the family’s eligibility for generous government benefits increased their disposable income to a shocking degree ($37,777)

And where does that $37,777 come from? …. You!

The Federal Government has made work a foolish enterprise for millions of Americans. It’s sad that you’re worse off earning $15/hr than you would be if you went on welfare. When it comes to income equality, the U.S. makes the professional couch potato the equivalent of the factory worker.

America is in danger of becoming a country of “people sitting on the couch waiting for the next government check”

I assume you are working while these folks are checking the mailbox.

In 1965, just 22 percent of all federal spending was transfer payments. Today it has doubled to 44 percent. That means that nearly half of all federal spending is simply government taking money from one person and giving it to another.

Good luck getting these “voters” to support “Welfare Reform.”

This is the road we are now on. The welfare state started with small programs targeted toward a small number of genuinely needy people. But as politicians figured out the electoral benefits of expanding programs and people realized they could let others work on their behalf, those programs grew until the point at which, today, every problem in society prompts calls for government action, response, or funding.

At the same time, as Governor Christie also noted, this implicitly tells people, “stop dreaming, stop striving.”

And it tells people to vote “what’s good for me, not what’s good for their country.”

This is the real danger of the welfare state. It’s not that it will bankrupt us — though it will. It is that it slowly and insidiously destroys our national character, saps our will to be great, and makes us content with the way things are rather than how they could be. We have seen where this road ends. As Governor Christie warns, it “will not just bankrupt us financially, it will bankrupt us morally.” Just look to Europe today. The welfare states of Europe are imploding, collapsing under the weight of promises that can no longer be met. Their citizens riot in the streets at the prospect that their government benefits might be reduced.

And our Government is incapable to avoid the European “live action” decline.

And don’t expect any change in direction from the “Food Stamp President.”

Peggy Joseph (a.k.a. Barack Obama) doesn’t have a problem, as long as these moochers continue to vote for him, early and often.

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