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Please don’t suck.

Ohio job numbers for July are set to be released tomorrow.

Hopefully Ohio will see a turn for the better and we’ll see a dip in the unemployment rate, just as we saw the national rate recently dip a couple weeks ago.

I’m hopeful because honestly, how can things get much worse? Since 2007 Ohio has seen the number of unemployed more than double. There hasn’t been a dip in the rate since January of 2008. 17 months straight of increased job losses.

17 months.

That’s a streak Ohio hasn’t seen in almost 27 years.

[sarcasm font] Good job, Governor. [/sarcasm font off]

UPDATE: AG Candidate Dave Yost was kind enough to leave a comment to this post. I thought it deemed being moved up to the original post:


The ripple effects of the auto industry downsizing will drive the number higher in tomorrow’s report, and for months to come.

Wishful thinking isn’t going to bring Ohio back. We need John Kasich as governor, sooner than later.


I couldn’t agree more, Dave. Unfortunately for now, wishful thinking is all we have if we want to see people getting their jobs back. Clearly, Ted Strickland has been more concerned over the past three years about preserving his own political well-being rather than actually doing what’s necessary to “Turn Around Ohio”. When it comes to serving Ohio one thing is clear – he simply wasn’t up to the task.

We need John Kasich.

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