POLL: Which VP Pick Gives Romney The Edge?

With the news coming out that Mitt Romney might be revealing his pick for VP as early as this week, we wanted to get your opinion on the matter.  So, we ask you not who do you want to see as Romney’s vice president, but rather which pick gives the GOP nominee the biggest advantage in this election?

<a href=”http://polldaddy.com/poll/6394280/”>Which VP pick gives Romney the biggest advantage heading into November?</a>
We’ve compiled our Top 10 list for you to choose from; however, these are certainly not the only possible picks.  If you have someone else in mind, please feel free to leave his or her name in the comments below.

And rest assured there are no wrong answers… Except for maybe this guy:

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Which VP Pick Gives Romney The Edge?”

  1. Why are Rubio and Jindal even on the list–neither are eligible to be President/neither are natural born citizens–just because BHO/Pelosi/Dems/RINO’s trashed the Constitutional requirements for Prez in 2008, doesn’t mean the GOP has to follow suit in 2012.

    1. Rubio was born in Miami, Florida; Jindal in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Not sure where you’re getting your argument…

  2. Looking forward to the results. A poll of the ‘grassroots’ Tea Party groups in Ohio show 80% are against Portman being selected a VP.

    He maybe a ‘nice’ guy, but that does not make him VP material.

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