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Quinnipiac: Ohioans Back Kasich

An unemployment rate well below the national average.  Over 130,000 jobs created.  An $8 billion budget deficit closed and a $1 billion surplus.  Just over two years in, Governor John Kasich certainly has things turned around here in Ohio.

And as it turns out, doing the right thing tends to resonate with Ohioans.

That’s the message from today’s Quinnipiac poll, showing Governor Kasich with a 53% job approval rating, compared to just 32% that disapprove.  And while the top line is impressive enough, the underlying numbers are even more so.

So who approves of the Governor’s performance?

  • 85% of Republicans
  • 56% of Independents
  • A full quarter of Democrats–yes, Democrats.
  • And 30% of African Americans, a huge Democrat voting bloc.

That’s just the raw numbers–he’s above water in almost every socioeconomic demographic.

  • +8% among those with a college degree, +26% among those without
  • +21% among 18 to 34 year olds, +17% for 35 to 54, and +24% for those over 55.
  • +23% among those making less than $50,000/year, +21% among those making $50-$100,000/year, and +14% among those making more than $100,000/year

That last stat is incredibly telling.  Though Kasich performs well among every income bracket, it’s low and middle class Ohioans that give Kasich the highest marks–not the rich.  So much for Kasich catering to the wealthy.

I guess that particular Democrat talking point is a lie.  Not that lying ever stopped a liberal, anyway.

Dishonest liberal rhetoric aside, nearly all of these numbers are improved from Quinnipiac’s last poll of Kasich.

  • Overall, it’s a net 14% improvement from December.
  • A 21% improvement among Republicans–just 5% of the GOP disapproves (that’s huge).
  • Among Independents, Kasich went from +5% to +26%, a net 19% jump.
  • As for gender, men improved+18% and approval among women jumped +11%.

No matter who you ask, Kasich’s approval is on the rise.  It’s just another reason why he looks almost unbeatable come 2014.  But with a 53% to 32% approval rating–and that’s among registered voters–that’s to be expected.

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