Raising Money: Ted isn’t very good at it.

Last night the Columbus Dispatch wrote a piece highlighting the out of state trips made by Ohio’s candidates for Governor.

John Kasich went on 3 trips to raise money in 2009.

Governor Strickland went on 25.

25? He does realize there is a jobs crisis going on, right? He does remember he’s the Governor?

Is this for real? 25 trips?

The worst part? They weren’t even worth it!

According to the Dispatch, in those 25 trips, Strickland raised $1.2 million, or a measly $48,000 per trip.

On the other hand, Kasich raised $266,000 per trip. In other words, if Strickland was as efficient as Kasich with raising money out of state, he would have amassed $6.65M just in out of state dollars.

Instead, he’s at $1.2M.

Remember, one of the best gauges of where a race stands is how the fundraising is going. After all, big donors won’t contribute unless they think you have a solid shot.

In light of these revelations of all of Ted’s trips, it’s worth mentioning that from July through December last year, Strickland raised only $1.18M. During that same period, Kasich raised $4.55M.

Clearly, Kasich is getting the most bang for his buck when it comes to out-of-state trips, and is expertly utilizing the momentum gained from maintaining a five-point lead on Pollster.com.

6 thoughts on “Raising Money: Ted isn’t very good at it.”

  1. Yet another Keeling lie. You do know that on some of those trips Strickland raised money for the Ohio Democratic Party, right?

    You keep citing only the money he raised for the campaign, but Strickland has been raising money both for the campaign and the ODP Statewide candidate funds.

    Has Kasich even done an event for the ORP?

    How’s the weather in VA?

  2. If that’s true, let him release the numbers. Be transparent. If he’s going to go out of the state 25 times, he owes it to Ohioans to have an answer.

    Your failure to address the fact he’s an absentee Governor is noted. As is your ignoring of how bad he did raising money from July-December.

    As for the weather, ask the Governor. It looks like he’s here about as much as I am.

  3. He’s also not out of the state simply to fundraise. He schedules fundraisers around state business that requires him to travel out of the State.

    You can’t read ODP’s campaign finance report? Poor, Jon.

  4. Of COURSE he was.

    [pats your head]

    As long as that makes you feel better.

    Since you refuse to answer, how about if I ask you directly – Were you happy with him raising 1.18 million from July-December?

  5. Not to mention fitting it into his “begging for federal dollars to prop up a completely irresponsible budget” schedule.

    That must be tricky. At least he got out from under his desk.

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