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Buckeye State Blog is up with a post this evening that takes stupid to another level.

They take this statement from John Kasich as it appeared in the Youngstown Business Journal:

[Kasich wants to] reduce the tax burden once the economy regains stability and offer incentives for employers to create jobs in the state.

And interpret it as:

Kasich: Ohio may never be able to afford my tax proposals

Now, it’s one thing to be intellectually dishonest. And it’s another to be downright moronic.

Their issue is with the “once the economy regains stability” comment. The only way to interpret that as “Ohio may never being able to afford my tax proposals” is to believe that Ohio’s economy may not recover in the next five years and four months.

While I believe Strickland’s inaction has put Ohio into a death spiral, that doesn’t mean we won’t pull out of it.

Economies recover. That’s what capitalist societies do.

It just some take longer than others. [cough, TED STRICKLAND!, cough, cough!]

Also, in regards to Kasich’s comment, when Ohio is facing massive unemployment, what good is it cut taxes on people who aren’t making any money? They aren’t paying anything anyway.

Once the economy stabilizes, Ohioans are employed at normal levels and able to use money gained via tax cuts to reinvest into Ohio’s economy.

Which leads me to another favorite line of mine from the guys at Buckeye State Blog is this one:

Kasich is suggesting a change in course: no tax cuts until the economy stablilizes, whatever the hell that means.

You don’t know what that means? Fine. Here, see this graph?

When that funny red line goes back down and straightens out again, that means we’re stable.

Let’s see, what else did they say that made me shake my head and laugh.

Ah, yes. My favorite.

Strickland is a doer. Kasich is a sayer.

Honestly, I have no idea how they wrote that while keeping a straight face.

A doer?

Ted “Does Anyone Else Have Any Ideas” Strickland is a doer?

Ted “Mmmmm….Jello” Strickland is a doer?

Ted “I Used My Line Item Veto to Cut Early Education for 15,000 Kids” Strickland is a doer?

Ok yeah…I guess it works for that one.

And John Kasich is a “sayer”?

The same John Kasich who is widely regarded as the chief architect of a federal budget that produced the first back-to-back federal surpluses since 1957.

The same John Kasich who went against his own party to cut unnecessary funding for B-2 bombers.

The same John Kasich whose actions as a leader in Congress brought Newsweek to name him one of their “100 People for the 21st Century”.

Seriously, fellas. You’re gonna have to do better than that.

This lesson was brought to you by the letters J, E, L, L, and O and the number 11.1.

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