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Redfern and ODP Think Voters Are Stupid

We all know to take poll numbers with a grain of salt. Polls can be valuable in any campaign. But sometimes, instead of helping a campaign, the polls are used to manipulate voters.

In the weeks following Ed FitzGerald’s epic meltdown, the Ohio Democratic Party paid for and published a PPP poll for all the statewide races. They’ve done this before. Strangely, the polls paid for by Democrats showed their candidates in much stronger positions that other comparable polls would indicate, all the way down the ticket.

Quinnipiac University is renown and well respected for their political polling. Their latest poll indicated that FitzGerald should give up. 12 points is an impossible gap to overcome with under 90 days to go.

But a sudden surge in FitzGerald’s popularity could not only indicate him trending upward, and give more voters confidence in supporting him, but it could potentially energize the base, ensuring more strength down ticket. People like to vote for winners.

So the ODP ordered a new poll. Data was gathered last week. The first ODP/PPP poll published indicated FitzGerald was essentially tied with Kasich. This most recent poll, published after all the mess surrounding all of Ed’s scandals, still maintains FitzGerald is only 6 points back.

6. Points. Back. After all the scandal, secrets, and failed vetting…


Now, I’ve never personally conducted a poll, and maybe I’m off base. But which is more reasonable? Quinnipiac and every other poll is entirely and absolutely innaccurate, or the ODP and PPP are playing with fudged numbers, or worse, rigged polls, carefully trying to manipulate voters? By pulling the wool over the voters’ eyes, ODP hopes the false numbers manipulate a few more votes, either for FitzGerald or the down ticket candidates.

And I’ll be honest with you. That’s bush league.

If I were a registered Democrat, I’d be furious and how poorly Chris Redfern and his swashbuckling crew of misfits failed to properly vet a Lt. Governor pick, who owes the government over $1 million. No one likes voting for tax dodgers.

I’d be even more upset that they made a mockery of transparency by involving lawyers rather than fill a publc records request. No one likes secrets and liars.

I’d be even more upset that they failed to vet a gubernatorial candidate, so poor, that he made a national mockery of my party in my home state, ruining any chance at winning governor (despite being a longshot anyway), and never mind how that affects every other Democratic candidate. No one likes law-breakers who invite suspicion regarding their fidelity.

And the icing on the cake?

I’d consider switching parties since my party leadership this we, as voters, are SO dense and so out of touch that they would have us believe Ed FitzGerald is within 6 points of a popular incubent governor, after a month of 3-4+ scandals broke to which he has no defense.

I mean, honestly. Does Redfern think anyone is going to buy that FitzGerald is still within single digits, especially when every other reliable poll says he’s all but done, already?

It’s embarrassing enough that Redfern defended and vouched for a guy who, for ten years, felt he was above the law. It makes it worse that Redfern is so elitist that he think Ohio voters will buy his carton of baloney, and get in line to punch his party’s ticket, all thanks to some phony poll numbers.

Come November, Redfern will get his reward. And maybe, if he’s lucky, he’ll be asked to focus on his other job, as a State Rep. I have a few (small few) friends who are Democrats, and as their friend, they deserve a party chair who isn’t such a colossal failure.

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