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Redfern Fails At Humanitarian and Constituent Service

By now, most of you have heard all the details surrounding the water crisis in Toledo. A bad situation to say the least, thousands of people are still without water.

Typically, when situations like these arise in the middle of a hot campaign season, we get to see a candidate’s true colors. Some put aside their own agenda, their own campaign, and pitch in to help. Others view the scenario as a way to capitalize, politically.

Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, and Representative for the 89th District to the Ohio General Assembly, Chris Redfern, showed us his colors in the wake of the water crisis.

Not one to let anyone forget how important he is, he regularly posts on social media, providing his commentary of the comings and goings of Ohio politics. It seems fitting he would give a shoutout or two to the relief efforts in Toledo, lauding a few members of the relief team.

While some were quick to second Redfern’s praise, one citizen showed her concern about Redfern’s commitment to those affected. Toledo resident Aimee Bloom asks Redfern, “Did you do anything for us?”

A very poignant question, indeed, considering Lake Erie is Redfern’s stomping ground, and simultaneously the root of the issue in Toledo.

Redfern could have actually answered the question, but that would imply he owed the people an explanation when asked. It would have also put him on record admitting he put very little, if any, effort into helping out.

Instead, in typical liberal fashion, he punts. And to top it off, announces he has unfriended Ms. Bloom, a very bold step, indeed.

“Yup, Aimee Bloom, I did. I unfriended you. Bye” – Chris Redfern

Throwing a tantrum when asked a tough question is a bad sign for someone in such a high leadership position. But what worse is that it seems Redfern has forgotten his duty as a State Representative, to represent and answer to the people. A State Rep doesn’t get to dodge the tough questions, while grandstanding in the wake of a catastrophe.

The voters of the 89th district, and the members of the Ohio Democratic Party should hold Redfern accountable to his duties, and remind him who he works for.

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