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Redfern is grasping for more straws than a 4-year old at a Wendy’s.

This is what the Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party is supposed to do when his Party’s incumbent Governor has absolutely no record to run on…..

Make crap up and say silly stuff that will fill up space in newspapers.

Well, it worked! Congrats, Chris.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern predicted today that Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich will be hurt in the general election by his former affiliation with Fox News.


With its array of conservative commentators, Fox often is villified by Democrats, and Redfern predicted that could work against Kasich in the general election against Gov. Ted Strickland.

“It motivates our base,” Redfern said. “It energizes Democrats…and is a reminder of what this election is about.”

Now, just for giggles, let’s pretend Redfern is so obtuse as to believe what he’s shoveling to the press.

Why? Because ratings show Ted Strickland is doomed if it’s all about turnout by news channel.

Just ask the liberal Huffington Post:

As I’m sure you have all read, the first quarter 2010 ratings are a major disaster for CNN, and an ordinary disaster for MSNBC and Headline News. CNN lost 39% of its viewers from the first quarter of 2009 to the first quarter of 2010. Headline was down only 24%, and MSNBC only 15%. Meanwhile, Fox gained 3%.

The total day numbers were little better, with CNN down 31%, MSNBC down 16% and Headline News down 9%. Once again Fox grew, this time by 8%.

The best I can do about making a bright side of this for Democrats in the 2010 elections is that if we were to regard all Fox viewers as Republican voters, and all MSNBC, CNN and HLN viewers as Democratic voters, than at this moment the Republicans have a 53%-47% lead over Democrats nationally.

You think the base will rise up in anger against Kasich because of his involvement with Fox, Chris? Well, what do you think our majority will do when you help remind Ohioans that their very own Fox News personality is on the ballot?

Chris Redfern never fails to amaze at his total and complete lack of depth.

Fortunately, the Kasich campaign is right there on-message to remind voters that this is race is a referendum on the past four years:

“Ted Strickland is desperate to divert attention away from his record of trashing Ohio’s economy and blowing an $8 billion hole in the budget and frankly we’re not going to let him do it. After promising to turnaround Ohio, he needs to apologize to the 426,300 out-of-work Ohioans who have suffered because of his mistakes.”


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