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Rich Rodriguez is to Michigan what Barack Obama is to America

This is a guest post from an old 3BP contributor by the name of The Seaward. And with football finally upon us, it’s a good one. Check it out.

Think about it.

Both followed the last in a line of linked figures that started with a legend (Bo/Reagan), stumbled through a middling successor (Gary Moeller/GHWB) and then a much-grumbled-about third in the line (Lloyd Carr/GWB). Both of these men earned some early praise (Carr for ’97, Bush for his handling of 9/11), but both ultimately fell prey to their critics and their later years were marked by constant complaints about their performance — sometimes justified and sometimes not.

Their departures led to a chorus of voices screaming for change. No one from the Bo coaching tree would take over for Carr, and there would be no GOP savior to succeed Bush.

A-ha! We got our men! Obama to lead us with hope and change! RichRod to lead us with his brilliant spread option!

Sure, there were some lingering questions. Obama hadn’t ever… you know… run anything in his life. RichRod had imploded spectacularly in his last game at West Virginia and shredded everything that wasn’t nailed down on his way out the door.

But who cared? Change was here!

And then we learned that maybe there was a reason a football program… or a country… did things the way they always had.

Early humiliations and missteps were brushed aside.

“It’s the previous guy’s fault! Did you see the economy/roster he inherited? How can he be expected to work with this?”

And as the months and years drag on, things somehow don’t seem to be getting much better.

Both are still bumbling easy tasks… both exhibit a wanton disregard for rules.

“The Constitution? Practice hours and coaching restrictions? Those are for others, not me!”

And now we’re seeing the tide really turning. Many Michigan fans want a Bo disciple (Stanford coach and former UM QB Jim Harbaugh) back in charge. And the polls are pretty clear that America has more or less had it with the change, thankyouverymuch.

And it seems likely that this November, both of our Change-a-maniacs are going to receive a swift kick in the ass from the good guys.

DJ Note: As a couple friends helped point out, The Seaward’s column nails it pretty good except for a few key points.

  1. At least Rodriguez has the decency not to blame Lloyd Carr for his failings.
  2. It’s only going to take UM about 2-3 years to clean up Rich Rod’s mess once he gets the boot.
  3. No Ohioan has any interest in seeing Rodriguez get replaced.

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