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SB5 and the Dayton "Ring of Fire"

In previous posts (here and here) I have talked about the economic reality of Ohio’s Senate Bill 5. The most interesting issue is that the education unions don’t believe in the “Shared Sacrifice” “our” President calls for. In all school districts I have analyzed, there is a wide gap between many school employees/teachers salary and benefits and the average Ohioan who is paying for the lush compensation the teachers enjoy. Unlike private sector jobs, there is no one at the bargaining table speaking for the taxpayer.

As I have noted in the past, “my” Senator, Sherrod Brown claims to be “passionate about fighting for the middle class.” Apparently, he is an advocate for the middle class so long as they belong to unions. In a speech to FOP in Canton, Brown said “a pretty small group of radicals is attacking the collective bargaining abilities in Ohio and other parts of the country. Actually, 32% of Ohioans support SB5, and that is before the public is educated on the facts about SB5.

This post will focus on the Dayton area schools. It’s a message similar to the prior posts on this subject. Average Ohioans are paying the bill for these generous compensation packages. While the middle class has felt the economic pain of the recession and weak recovery, teachers seem to be doing just fine. Below are charts that use data from the Buckeye Institute. With respect to the charts, the Buckeye Institute notes that “For those non-teachers working more than 185 days per year, the pro-rated pay calculation (Chart 3) does not apply.

Don’t be fooled into this being an “attack on unions” by Conservatives. Similar actions have been taken in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Democratic controlled Atlanta and Chicago. Sherrod Brown can liken reform minded politicians and citizens to Hitler, Stalin, and Mubarak, but the underlying motivation behind SB5 is to deal with the growing tax burden by the growing cost of education. Don’t you think the ultimate employer of the education unions (the taxpayer) should have a say in the amount they are paid?

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