Sherrod Brown "an accomplished fighter for Ohio’s middle class families?"

These are the words of the former Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland. Thank God he is the former Governor.

In 2010, the Tax Foundation rated Ohio 47th in the State Business Climate Index. This put Ohio in the Top 10 Worst State Business Tax Climate.

After John Kasich was elected Governor, Ohio improved to the 46th rank, still in the the Top 10 Worst State Business Tax Climate.

In the 2012, Ohio improved to 39th.

Now Strickland wants you to support Sherrod Brown in 2012:

Sherrod Brown an accomplished fighter for the Middle Class? I don’t think so. Here is an excerpt from another Third Base Politics post:

When Sherrod Brown was sworn into office in January 2007, Ohio’s unemployment rate was 5.4%. Today it stands at 7.7%. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, Accessed 3/4/12) (Ohio Department of Job and Family Servicies Website,, Accessed 3/5/12)

Brown predicted the stimulus bill passed in 2009 would help create 133,000 jobs in Ohio. Since then, Ohio has lost more than 81,300 jobs. (Senator Sherrod Brown Website,, Accessed 1/26/11) (Bureau Of Labor Statistics Website,, Accessed 3/4/12)

Brown talks of leveling the playing field with China, yet since he went to Washington, the United States’ trade deficit with China has increased $272,679,500,000. (U.S. Census Bureau Website,, Accessed 3/4/12)

Almost two decades ago, Brown said America’s “massive national debt” was the greatest threat our country faced. When he said that our national debt stood at $4.2 trillion. Today, it is more than $15 trillion. (U.S. Department Of Treasury,, Accessed 11/29/11) (U.S. Department Of Treasury,, Accessed 3/4/12)

The most interesting comments from the post were:

“I (Sherrod Brown)think this whole race, as it should be, is about the five years that I’ve worked in the Senate for job creation in this state.”

“If Sherrod Brown actually wants this election to be about his abysmal record on job creation in the last five years, then that is a point on which we can agree. Only a 37-year politician like Sherrod Brown can be living in such a fantasy land that he thinks Ohioans should reward him with six more years in Washington based on his record of massive job losses, trillions more in debt, and an even bigger trade gap with China. Ohioans know that Sherrod Brown’s extreme liberal approach of bigger government, more debt, and more Washington control over our lives is killing jobs in Ohio.”

Now, if we can only get Obama to run on his record.

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  1. What’s really impressive is how Ohio’s tax climate improved once Kasich was elected even though Kasich hasn’t enacted any significant tax cuts that are effective yet. His budget “preserved” the tax cuts that Strickland already enacted… the only tax cut I’m aware his budget had was the estate tax repeal, but that’s not effective until July 1, 2014.

    Say, you don’t think that the Tax Foundation, a conservative think tank that doesn’t even provide the methodology for its “rankings” might be full of it? Nah.

  2. It’s major stories like “Democrat supports Democrat in fundraising e-mail” is why I come here. You can’t read hard hitting exclusive political stories like this elsewhere.

  3. As usual, your Blog is spot on. I do not understand, or place much credence of those responding who do so under the shroud of “Anonymous”

    Ted Rink

    1. The point is.. anonymous might be for a reason. I am business owner that goes by anonymous because of Mr Obama’s “turn your negative republican friends into our website” Which in turn means possible Tax Audit by the Feds?? A little paranoid but with the thirst for Sherrod Brown to be reelected, I’ll stay anonymous and protect my family and business.

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