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Sherrod Brown, Social Security and Medicare

I am often amused when I read the material I receive from “my” Senator Sherrod Brown, who is tied for first as the most liberal in the U.S. Senate. The most recent email from “my” Progressive Senator is so pathetic, it’s funny. Here is the meat of his email:

If Brown had taken the time to read the Social Security Trustees report, he would have read the following:

“Social Security owes $9.1 trillion more in benefits than it will receive in taxes. The 2011 number consists of $2.6 trillion to repay the special-issue bonds in the trust fund and $6.5 trillion to pay benefits after the trust fund is exhausted in 2036.” Maybe Brown could ask his President to stop spending incoming Social Security tax receipts on green cars, infrastructure and his other “winning the future” boondoggles.

On Medicare, don’t forget that Obamacare, supported by Brown cuts half of a trillion dollars from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Does that have an impact on “the most vulnerable citizens?” Also, from the Medicare Trustees report we are told “Medicare will start running out of money in 2024 — five years earlier than projected last year — as a result of the sluggish economy, the program’s trustees reported today. Maybe Brown could also ask his President to stop spending incoming Medicare tax receipts on Obama’s pet projects.

The most amusing comment from “my” Senator is his comment that “We can’t force our most vulnerable citizens to pay for the deficits created by the right.” Hello? Maybe he can sell this to senior citizens, but it’s is a massive stretch of the truth.

Deficits created by the right? You decide! It’s seems like Brown want to ignore the spending by the Obama administration, because Brown is a partner in crime with Obama on spending. When politicians play the blame game, it’s time to hold them accountable for their lies. Sherrod Brown needs to held accountable next year. Let’s make him a one term Senator.

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