Shout these numbers to the hills!

Building on Monday’s disastrous numbers from a CBS News poll, more polls out yesterday showed yet more absolutely glorious news for Republicans in 2010.

Nine points. That’s the margin of Republicans over Democrats in the latest generic congressional poll from Rasmussen.

It’s also the same margin from last week. If we hit double digits get ready for the roof to be torn off this blog.

What else did we learn?

Ah, according to CNN, nearly half of Americans, 48%, believe Obama’s presidency has been a failure.

Remember, this isn’t simply an approve or disapprove question. This is labeling an entire first year of governing as an F.

No, not a good, solid B+. An F.

Now this 48% is bound to be more than just disgruntled Republicans. Democrats frustrated with broken promises and failed proclamations are sure to be included in the group. This is one where I’d love to see the crosstabs.

What else? How about the new Rasmussen Trust numbers.

If you’ll recall from yesterday, in a CBS News poll we learned the top five issues for Americans are the economy(44%), health care(14%), War/Iraq/Afghanistan(8%), Terrorism(7%), and the Debt/Deficit(3%).

Well, we can look at Rasmussen to check out who Americans trust more on these issues. The results? Republicans are preferred on the economy(48-37), taxes(47-38), health care(46-43), national security(52-35), and Iraq(49-34) – or, all the issues encompassed by the five most important issues mentioned above.

Yes, 11.2.10 is a long ways off, but this isn’t a bad place to start.

Finally, Rasmussen was able to confirm what so many other polls are saying about the Massachusetts Senate race. Somehow, some way, it’s a toss-up.

The fact it’s even contested is already a victory for Republicans.

Think 2010 is our year? Yeah, me too.

3 thoughts on “Shout these numbers to the hills!”

  1. Just remember, Clintons numbers weren’t much better after his first year and he got re-elected in an electoral landside, so don’t get too excited yet.

  2. Perots numbers in 96 were not nearly as impactful as they were in 92. The way the GOP is going, there could be a Perot type there anyway. I mean what if Romney gets the nomination and people like Palin, and Dick Armey scream that he isn’t conservative enough and decide to push for someone else much like they did in New York? I’m not saying that it will happen, but it is something that really could happen.

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