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Shut up, idiots.

And I’m talking to Republicans.

So many columnists, TV talking heads and the like have been suckered into throwing gasoline on the Rush/Steele brouhaha.

Before we get too far into this, I don’t think all that many have really even seen the interview in question. If not, here’s your chance:

Now what everyone, including Rush, have gotten all up in arms about is the “incendiary and ugly” statement. Nevermind that it was so totally and completely flippant — it was almost as if Steele was simply trying to shut up the interviewer so he could focus on his main talking point.

Was it a stupid thing to say? Sure. But is it a statement so inflammatory that it should get Republicans calling for his resignation? Absolutely not.

The GOP needs to let it go so they can quit getting suckered into Obama’s plan to keep us infighting.

And it IS a plan. Gibbs has been pushing reporters at his briefings to confront Republicans about Rush.


I think maybe the best question, though, is for you to ask individual Republicans whether they agree with what Rush Limbaugh said this weekend. Do they want to see the President’s economic agenda fail?

Rush clearly didn’t help things when he slammed Steele in response. Rush, please move on. I know you like being in the eye of the hurricane, but you get enough press from the WH focusing on you. You don’t need to create an even bigger stir by nailing Steele.

Continued back and forth on this issue is like blood in the water to Democrats. The more Republicans bicker, the less the message is focused on the budget and its 9,000 earmarks.

Unfortunately, the only way this ceases to be an issue is when Rush decides to let it stop being one.

So keep an ear out this afternoon for the EIB network.

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