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So now that Brunner has lost her mind….

Watching the fall of Jennifer Brunner as of late has been fascinating. From the poll results to the lashing out at the Ohio Democratic Party and Lee Fisher to the baffling awful new election directive, Brunner has fallen apart in front of our very eyes.

What was once the next bright star of the Ohio Democratic Party is now a train wreck that has just become painful to watch.

I actually held off on discussing that new election directive until I had a chance to review all the coverage it garnered. After all, it’s the mainstream media coverage that changes public opinion, not political blogs.

And boy did that coverage not fail to disappoint.

The Columbus Dispatch, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and even the Akron Beacon Journal came out harshly against Brunner’s directive that would automatically challenge any voter wishing to change parties in the May 2010 primary election.

Of course, my favorite was Dennis Willard’s commentary where he stated:

Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner should rescind the directive she issued last Friday to make every voter looking to switch major political party affiliations for the upcoming primary sign a loyalty oath.

Rescinding really isn’t strong enough. Brunner should burn the directive on the Statehouse lawn, admit her mistake and apologize.

So while Republicans and the media en masse have harshly criticized Brunner for her decision, there has been a few folks conspicuously absent from offering any opinion whatsoever.

The elected leaders of the State. Governor Strickland and Lieutenant Governor Fisher.

Both haven’t hesitated in the past to comment or criticize other statewide officeholders. Just ask Mary Taylor what they thought of her analysis showing the massive upcoming budget deficit.

So what is stopping them now from criticizing such an incredibly inane directive designed only to appease Brunner’s progressive fringe?

Politics. Again. Per usual.

Governor Strickland and Lieutenant Governor Fisher, do what the people of Ohio elected you to do. Take a stand on behalf of Ohioans against a directive that will impede their ability to exercise their right to vote.

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