Stay Classy, Democrats

In the aftermath of Governor Mitt Romney’s loss on Tuesday, there’s been numerous things said about the now-failed GOP presidential candidate, with many supporters of the President finally admitting that Romney is a pretty “classy” guy.  The President himself even said so:

There were just four people in the room when Obama received the call from Romney: the president, campaign manager Jim Messina and senior advisers David Axelrod and David Plouffe. 
The President expressed satisfaction that it was a “very classy” gesture in terms of how Romney handled the call.
It sure is nice that Democrats think Romney’s a nice guy, now that the elections are over.  But where was that civility during the campaign?
Where was the civility when Romney was called a murderer?
Where was the civility when the President called Romney a bulls****er?
Where was the civility when Obama supporters implied Romney wanted women to get cancer?
Where was the civility when Democrat Senator Harry Reid called Romney a tax cheat?
Where was the civility when liberals called for the death of Ann Romney?
The list goes on and on, but the point remains: Democrats only care for civility when it fits their agenda.  The rest of the time, they’re content misrepresenting the truth and throwing barbs.
Though on the plus side, at least Democrats didn’t dump a dead pig wrapped in a Romney shirt at a GOP campaign office

Oh, wait…

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16 thoughts on “Stay Classy, Democrats”

  1. Romney lost whatever class he had when speaking to his donors and blaming his loss on the President bribing voters with “gifts”.

    Yeah, stay classy.

    1. You know Anonymous might have a point.

      Romney should have called them by their proper name. They were really more like BRIBES than gifts weren’t they? That was on the macro scale.

      Meanwhile on the local scale. Here in Hamilton county a group of some 40+ GOP poll workers have been comparing notes post election on what went on in some of the democratic controlled precincts in Cincinnati. Many of these precincts had GOP observers in them on Tuesday for the first time in years. Frantic disorganization and “confusion” about the voter regulations might be a kind word for the order in some of them.

      One thing a number of our folks observed in the was a almost frantic interest in the little “I voted” sticker by these voters — even those voting late into Tuesday evening wanted one. All during the day these voters were asking for additional stickers e.g., for “one for my kids” or “I teach school can I get some for my students” etc. Why such interest in a sticker?

      Based on conversations overheard the next day (by two campaign workers) at a local grocery store there is reason to suspect that some of these “I voted” stickers may have been “redeemed” for cash and/or some other reward. Kind of a bonus for voting. No information one whose program it is at this moment.

      This information has been reported to Board of Election officials but if you have stumbled on any additional first hand information about this apparent “program” or other apparent vote fraud please contact the Ohio Voter Integrity Project ( or post it on the Obama vote fraud blog spot.

    2. Wow, this should win dumb comment of the year. The Obama sticker for cash scandal! Seriously, your comment makes us all look bad…

  2. Seriously “Anonymous” is reading comprehension a class you failed? No where is cash for an “Obama sticker” mentioned. Try reading the post again — this time try sounding out each word slowly, one word at a time. Chin up you’ll figure it out — eventually.

    1. Speaking of reading comprehension, couldn’t my sentence mean that Obama owns or is associated with the sticker for cash scandal? Is a Macy’s sale a sale of Macy’s store or a sale belonging to Macy’s? I believe such things are taught in elementary school but sure, I’m clearly the one who is lost here. And in case none of that makes sense, yes, I was referring to “I voted today” stickers.

    2. “…couldn’t my sentence mean that Obama owns or is associated with the sticker for cash scandal?” No, sorry I don’t think it could.

      “Is a Macy’s sale a sale of Macy’s store or a sale belonging to Macy’s?” Yes, Macy’s sale is the same a sale of Macys. And so?

      OTOH, calling an “I voted” sticker an “Obama” sticker is a pretty much a disconnect I guess.

      You asked if you were “…the one who is lost here”. To which I would answerer, I’m afraid so.

      Regardless of what the sticker is called if is used as a means of securing a monetary reward for a vote cast it is a crime. In any case have a great day.

    3. I do find it funny that you adamantly defend such a hilarious conspiracy theory. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out about these voter fraud sticker exchanges. Maybe next time we can buy some stickers and make a lot of money. A 1000-pack only runs 20 bucks!

  3. Apparently Fargo has gone off a cliff that was something other than fiscal. Did ‘ya find all those Republicans who didn’t vote yet or is the sticker scandal your new conspiracy theory?

    1. Nope no cliff that I can see.

      Using geological analysis of vote patterns to identify voting blocks and to estimate their degree of participation in an election is quite an effective approach.

      Although perhaps it is a bit beyond you, Anonymous? Just guessing at that. But if you just Google “Geographic Information Systems” you can bring yourself up to speed on that.

      And yes I have found out some pretty interesting things in that regard and I will be revealing my findings in a place and time of my choosing. But thanks for asking.

    2. Stay in your loony bubble, pal, and keep sucking in that air. “I will be revealing my findings in a time and place of my choosing.” I worked in the mental health field for well over three decades and a phase comes to mind when reading your stuff…

      …grandiose delusional disorder.

  4. Yeah, these blacks and their stickers…what’s up with them? clearly an indication of illegal behavior

    1. Had to fall back on the race card now did you “Anonymous”? I can sure see why you want to remain anonymous. LOL.

      Who said it was only blacks doing it? Oh yeah, it was YOU who said that. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind.

      Oh and BTW if you had actually read or better yet, UNDERSTOOD, the first post on the topic you might have noticed there IS evidence that those stickers were actually were redeemed for cash. So yes – you are correct it is an indication of illegal behavior. Somehow you managed to get that part right.

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