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Strickland: "…Deceptive to the point of ridiculous…"

You don’t want to go into the last four days of the election with your pants on fire.

Leave it to Ted Strickland.

You may remember an ad from the Governor that took Kasich’s words at a gaggle and scrambled them to build a case against his plans for the Department of Development.

At the time, Mytheos Holt of the National Review absolutely obliterated the ad and his words were seen in a response commercial from the Kasich campaign. In turn, rather than debate the facts, Team Strickland did what came naturally and conducted a desperate personal attack against Holt. It blew up so big that Rich Lowry, Editor of the National Review, sent a scathing letter to Chris Redfern that did a fine job of shutting the Chairman up.

Well, it turns out Holt was right all along.

From Politifact:

While the words in the ad did come out of Kasich’s mouth, they are from edited video that links statements out of context. Without that context, viewers have no way of knowing that some of the lines clearly were said in jest, and they are instead presented as if Kasich is serious.

And Kasich clearly says during his conversation with reporters that bonuses would go to workers for JobsOhio and that they could not be secret, but would instead be public.

Taking comments from different parts of conversation and linking them together to bolster a message is more than just false, it’s deceptive to a point of ridiculous.

For a statement like this — “Kasich wants to use our tax dollars to give secret bonuses to his corporate friends” — there’s only one answer: Pants on Fire!

Governor, this is an awfully silly way to look these last few days before election day…

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