Strickland’s "TrooperGate"

Strickland is in trouble. And not just in November.

Those who follow politics close enough to read this blog already likely have a general understanding of the situation where Strickland now finds himself.

In summary:

A former official with the State Highway Patrol says the governor’s office tried to stop an investigation into a company accused of hiring illegal immigrants.

Former Lt. Col. William Costas, who retired this month, tells The Columbus Dispatch that Gov. Ted Strickland’s top legal advisers questioned the patrol’s authority and tried intimidation.

As Kevin at Ohio Politics Online puts it, this story means Strickland is one of two things: Incompetent or Corrupt.

But what may be scariest to Lis Smith and the rest of Strickland’s campaign team is this:

Why is that bad? Because of where it appeared.

On the front page of the Columbus Dispatch.

And justly so. This kind of influence peddling and intimidation from the very top of the Governor’s office makes fmr. Gov. Bob Taft’s “Coingate” look like child’s play.

Coverage has also reached TV news stations and other newspapers around the state.

The Governor’s office issued two press releases yesterday. Neither of which made the front page.

TrooperGate did.

And it’s distracting from whatever message the Strickland campaign is hoping to communicate, whether it be LEHMAN BROTHERS!!!! or I Hope Rahm Gives Us More Stimulus Money.

In campaigns, each and every day is a competition. You either win or lose.

Today, Strickland lost. The question now becomes, how many more days will TrooperGate force Strickland to surrender?

3 thoughts on “Strickland’s "TrooperGate"”

  1. Maybe the Gov will hire Tim Russo to twist and spin this cover-up similar to how Tim has been with his own sex offender story.

    As Jess Hathaway once stated, Russo has a “criminally sick and twisted past”

    Indeed! Hey Gov watch this!!

    It is likely Tim is ready and willing to help the Gov twist the message to the maximum.

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