Swing and a miss.

From this morning’s PD:

For years, no one has cared about that deal. But now that Kasich is running for Ohio governor, his 1996 purchase of land northeast of Columbus has left Ohio bloggers speculating that Kasich got a steal.

He paid a fraction of the price of neighboring parcels for a home site on 10 acres that backed up to a heron rookery, and was adjacent to a golf course. The county initially thought the land was worth $172,500. Kasich insisted it was only worth what he paid: $105,000.

Yet public records examined by The Plain Dealer suggest the story of Kasich’s land deal is nuanced and complex. It appears Kasich got a good price, but anything else may be conjecture.

So Strickland’s dirt digging “consultant” Sandy Theis throws some dirt on the wall – Lefty bloggers pick it up – And ta daaaa. Story!

Read the rest. Good stuff.

Now here’s hoping the Plain Dealer will play fair and start looking deeper into the messes made by Jello Ted and his political cronies.