Desperate For Any Traction, Carney Throws A Hail Mary Of Lies

The Ohio Democratic Party has had an awful year.  The personal and political shortcomings of Ed Fitzgerald will likely lead to a Republican sweep of the statewide races.  It’s time for some desperate moves.  And Democrat John Patrick Carney, who is running for Auditor of State, has thrown his Hail Mary.  Sadly, Carney’s own campaign has admitted that his Hail Mary is nothing more than a lie.

Carney is running an ad claiming that Yost spent $7 per cup of coffee on attendees at a fraud and waste conference.  The price was instead per person for the duration of the conference, not per cup as Carney’s lie claimed. With 500 attendees and a final price of $1690, the coffee price for each person for the entire event was $3.38. Quite a difference than the $7 per cup that Carney claimed. Even the media has noticed that Carney has a trouble with truthfulness.

In the Auditor of State debate, Carney seemed to not be able to grasp the role of the position.  He even blamed Yost for school funding when that issue is to be taken up with the legislature, of which Carney is a member.

“Unfortunately, what has happened here in the state is the worst schools are getting the most money out of the folks in office.”

The Auditor of State doesn’t get to vote on legislation.  Carney should realize this. He is either incompetent on this issue or lying again in an attempt to mislead voters.

Yost has had a history of challenging both Republicans and Democrats as Auditor of State. This is something Carney is unable to truthfully claim as he has voted 95% of the time with State Representative Chris Redfern, who doubles as the Ohio Democratic Party Chairman.

Yost has been running a rather positive campaign which focuses on his accomplishments in office.  His ads are upbeat and unlike Carney, they aren’t centered around a blatant lie.