History Made As Cuyahoga GOP Elects First Woman Chair

There is a changing of the guard at the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC) following June’s reorganizational election. Lisa Stickan was elected Chairman of the Central Committee in a resounding victory over incumbent Rob Frost in an intra-party duel that resulted in a 206-113 vote.

Stickan, who has served as an officer of the party for over a decade, is currently the President of Highland Heights Council. She has a reputation as a skilled campaigner who has had great success running multiple candidates in municipal elections as well countywide. Her “boots on the ground” mentality is evidence that Stickan is ready to lead from day one.

“I look forward to serving as the first woman Chair of the RPCC Central Committee. I am committed to unifying our Republican grassroots and finance leaders to ensure the success of our candidates and party message,” Chairman Stickan stated.

As a former Young Republican National Federation Chair, Stickan organized many national deployments for targeted districts in federal races throughout the country. This bodes well for the future of the RPCC as Stickan is more than capable of hitting the ground running for the November elections. She also served as Chairman of the Ohio Young Republicans and Greater Cleveland Young Republicans. She also is the President of Greater Cleveland Republican Women.

“Over the coming weeks, your new RPCC leadership will conduct a top-level review of the Party and develop a strategy and plan to make our Party more connected to all of you, more energized, and transparent,” Stickan said. “Our goal is to make the RPCC competitive and influential in our local communities across our County to counter the pervasive staleness, corruption, and inaction of our Democratic opponents.”

The Executive Committee also made its mark by electing Donna Walker-Brown as the Committee’s first Black Chairman and also the first woman Chairman.

Walker-Brown has been active for years in the Inner City Republican Movement, which she founded and leads. The new Executive Committee Chair has long been active in GOP campaigns in the City of Cleveland.

With its reorganizational meeting behind it, the RPCC now is looking forward to November and victory for the President Trump and the rest of the Republican slate.

Why Is Sherrie Miday’s Campaign Misrepresenting Her As A Judge?

Judges are supposed be ethical. They should be beyond reproach and fair -and they absolutely have to be honest. They certainly shouldn’t misrepresent themselves. The same is expected of judicial candidates.

But, that can’t be said of Sherrie Miday, who is running for Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge again after spending over $400,000 on her failed 2014 judicial campaign. She wants to be a judge badly, so badly that her campaign will lie about her resume. At a recent parade, someone with Miday’s campaign was calling her a judge – and Sherrie didn’t correct her.

It says quite a lot about Sherrie Miday’s character when she is allowing herself to be misrepresented as a judge when she is not. Honesty is an important part of being a judge. These two videos show that Sherrie has some trouble with the truth.

Pamela Ballard even tagged Sherrie Miday on Facebook as being a judge. Miday didn’t remove the tag or even correct Ballard for falsifying Miday’s resume.

midaylie midaylies

Wouldn’t someone who was ethical and honest remove the tag and comment that she isn’t a judge? Well, Sherrie didn’t. She should have read and be following the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct. She seems to have some challenges following a certain portion of it:

Rule 4.3 Campaign standards and communications
During the course of any campaign for nomination or election to judicial office, a judicial candidate, by means of campaign materials, including sample ballots, advertisements on radio or television or in a newspaper or periodical, electronic communications, a public speech, press release, or otherwise, shall not knowingly or with reckless disregard do any of the following:(A) Post, publish, broadcast, transmit, circulate, or distribute information concerning the judicial candidate or an opponent, either knowing the information to be false or with a reckless disregard of whether or not it was false or, if true, that would be deceiving or misleading to a reasonable person;

(C) Use the title of a public office or position immediately preceding or following the name of the judicial candidate, when the judicial candidate does not hold that office or position;
(D) Use the term “judge” when the judicial candidate is not a judge unless that term appears after or below the name of the judicial candidate and is accompanied by either or both of the following:(1) The words “elect” or “vote,” in prominent lettering, before the judicial candidate’s name;
(2) The word “for,” in prominent lettering, between the name of the judicial candidate and the term “judge;”

Sherrie Miday is tied into the old Bill Mason machine of the Cuyahoga Democratic Party. She ran her 2014 campaign in a manner that was reminiscent of the old machine that crumbled when so many were hauled off to prison.

After the likes of Bridget McCafferty and Steven Terry, Cuyahoga can’t afford to have another judge with some ethical concerns. Miday’s silence is deafening. People along that parade route likely accepted the lie that she already is a judge. And with it being posted on Facebook, that lie had even farther reach.

Yet, Miday just accepted the lie. Is this what you want in a judge?

Sunny Simon: Another Cuyahoga Democrat With Ethics Concern


Cuyahoga County is no stranger to politicians who lack proper ethical standards. Of course there is the massive FBI Corruption investigations that resulted in numerous convictions and sweeping reforms to county government. Ed Fitzgerald has some bizarre issues with driving without a driver’s license. He also is violating open records requests by refusing to release his key card records showing his parking records in the county parking garage.

It appears County Councilwoman Sunny Simon is continuing that tradition. As the new government was forming, Simon organized a meeting in the kitchen of a fellow newly elected Councilman’s home.  The meeting was intended to be private, hidden away from the voters.  In 2006, she did something similar while a member of South Euclid Council.

Now Simon’s parking records reflect that she is using her parking privileges when no county business is scheduled. Parking passes are strictly designated while conducting county business. Simon also uses her pass to use elevators reserved for county judges at the Justice Center where she work.

The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County has filed an ethical complaint against the Councilwoman with the Inspector General. Chairman Rob Frost pointed out that Simon has failed to recognize the significance of abuse of power in county government.

“We must hold all of our elected officials to the highest standards possible regarding the privileges they are given when in office. We have already been embarrassed by lapses in judgment from our county officials this year, and it is unthinkable that council members would not recognize that the history of corruption in Cuyahoga County dictates that their actions be above reproach.”

Simon’s opponent, John Currid, is concerned about the alleged ethical lapse.

“Since its reform, the county has made great strides to eliminate the back-room deal making and ‘perks’ of being an elected official. It appears that Ms. Simon didn’t get that message as she once again finds herself tangled in ethics questions. For the sake of the county and its residents, the Inspector General should quickly addresses this complaint and determine its merit.

This isn’t the first time Ms. Simon has been questioned for ethics violations. Residents throughout the state have overwhelming rejected similar behavior from Ed Fitzgerald and should do the same of Ms. Simon.”

Simon is either tone deaf to the history of corruption in Cuyahoga County or she just doesn’t care. She cannot use her office for perks for her personal or professional life.  The voters of the County have spoken on this topic. Simon clearly is not listening.


ODP Fails Again As Patten Exits House Race After Deadline To Replace

Chris Redfern hit another stumble yesterday when Democrat Matt Patten withdrew his candidacy for the Ohio House of Representatives, ensuring Mike Dovilla’s reelection.

Patten was elected to the Ohio House in 2008. Dovilla defeated him in 2010. The two were opponents again in 2012 in a tight race in which Dovilla won by 118 votes.

The date to replace Patten on the ballot is now past. So, now the Ohio Democratic Party is left without a candidate in a competitive and targeted district. This is yet another stumble that reflects poorly on Chairman and State Representative Chris Redfern. Had Patten dropped out a few weeks ago, the Democrats could have found a replacement on the ballot. Now, Dovilla is unopposed.

Dovilla told supporters and friends on Facebook that he is committed to his district and to growing the Republican majority in the Ohio House.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 7.49.07 AM

Ed Fitzgerald has basically waved the white flag of surrender in the Governors race, probably ensuring defeat of the entire statewide ticket. Redfern’s failure to vet Fitzgerald likely will cost him his chairmanship. Patten’s exit from the race is more insult to injury as they have abandoned this race.

Both Patten and Fitzgerald are Cuyahoga Democrats, so this is also a reflection on the county party machine. In a county dominated by Democrats, perhaps they are not as concerned about vetting candidates and take the constituency for granted. This won’t work on at the statewide level and now Redfern is feeling the heat.

Patten hasn’t announced a reason for withdrawing his candidacy.

It’s The Grand Old Party: Everybody Should Be Invited

“The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.” – Ronald Reagan

Reagan-Berlin serious

Not too long ago Cleveland Right to Life broadened the scope of its mission to be opposed to gay marriage. This left me scratching my head. Why would a single issue group chose to narrow the base of its support? If the objective is to prevent abortions, why would it matter if a donor or activist supported gay marriage?

Cleveland hosted the Gay Games last week. The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County had a booth at the Games to welcome attendees and athletes to Cleveland and to also to let them know they are welcome in the Republican Party.

Cleveland Right to Life sent out an email to protest the RPCC’s involvement.

“The not so “Gay Games” have entered their 5th day in downtown Cleveland. Last Sunday the Cuyahoga County Republican Party announced their participation at these sad and melancholy games to show their approval of this lifestyle as part of a supposed “big tent” approach. REALLY! Have they forgotten that with good reason, the majority of Ohio citizens do not approve of or support the homosexual lifestyle?”

You don’t win people over to your cause by ignoring them. You also don’t make new friends by using words that are curt and judgmental. I have friends on both sides of the aisle of the marriage debate.

I understand being for traditional marriage does not define someone as being judgmental. It is possible to oppose gay marriage and still welcome gay conservatives into the party. This email does not accomplish this.

Not only does CRTL oppose gay marriage, but the email states it has a problem with the overall “homosexual lifestyle.” I am a lifelong pro life advocate. I was involved with CRTL. But the tone of that email pushed me to unsubscribe from future emails.  I will likely instead support Ohio Right to Life whose single mission is to save the unborn.  That means more people advocating for life.

If Cleveland Right to Life wants to increase its advocacy for the unborn, it should take a page out of Ronald Reagan’s book and follow his 80/20 rule. Having supporters and elected officials who disagree with you 20% of the time is better than those who disagree with you 80% of the time.

The Gay Games were not a rally for abortion rights. They weren’t a week long gay marriage ceremony. They were a celebration of community and athleticism. And that is exactly where the RPCC should have been to welcome them to the big tent.

It’s a simple realization that you increase your support by welcoming more people.

People from all walks of life can get behind the smaller government principles of the Republican Party. And that is why the Republican Party was right to be at the Gay Games.

Senator Skindell Says The Catholic Church Lobbies For Vouchers & Pedophile Priests

The Catholic Church is the world’s largest relief agency.  Even those who don’t adhere to the Church’s doctrine have respect for the work it does for the poor and disadvantaged.

Apparently, Michael Skindell does not. At a Separation of Church and State event in November of last year, Senator Skindell complained that the Catholic Church doesn’t lobby for the poor.

“By the way, they don’t lobby for the poorest of the poor. …They are there to lobby for the auxiliary line items and vouchers because it supports the Catholic Schools. The only time I see the Catholic Church in the Statehouse Lobby was either on the statue of limitations dealing with the priest abuse cases or these two auxiliary line items and vouchers.”

The Church has been proving for hundreds of years that it is more effective at providing relief services to the poor than the government. It does not need the government’s advice. The Church’s charitable side functions best when the government steps out of the way.

Senator Skindell’s constituency is comprised of a large number of Catholics. Is he out to offend them by taking a cheap shot at priests? His district also extends into Cleveland so he has a fair number of constituents whose children receive the vouchers which he complains about.This is a different brand of constituent relations.

Tom Haren, Skindell’s opponent, is a practicing Catholic who resides in Parma.  He disagrees with Skindell.

“It is precisely this kind of language that keeps Michael Skindell from being effective in Columbus. His ‘us vs. them’ attitude is what people hate about politics. It’s what I hate about politics. At a time when we need to be building consensus to grow our economy and lift folks out of poverty, Michael Skindell continues to choose to hold us back.”

Perhaps Skindell should volunteer a day of his time at St. Vincent de Paul or St. Augustine’s Hunger Center. He will be given a new perspective on how to directly serve the poor and those in need.