OH Legislature Seeks To Stop Selective Abortion Of Unborn Diagnosed With Down Syndrome

New legislation introduced in the Ohio House of Representatives could make Ohio the first state in the nation to stop targeted abortions specifically on unborn children with Down Syndrome. Studies show that currently 90 percent of children with Down Syndrome lose their lives to abortion.


People with Down Syndrome have a very joyful, positive and contagious outlook at life.  Ninety nine percent of them state they are happy with their lives. No other demographic reports such high satisfaction with their lives.

Ohio Right to Life’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act (H.B. 135) has sixteen co-sponsors, giving it a healthy chance of becoming law. Protecting the unborn is an important issue to Sarah LaTourette (R – Bainbridge Township) who is a sponsor of this bill.

“Sadly, many women turn to abortion when they discover their unborn child might have Down syndrome,” said Rep. Sarah LaTourette. “Having worked in the adoption field, I know firsthand that there are plenty of alternatives to abortion that respect the value of life. I am proud to introduce legislation that will end this horrific form of discrimination. This is a small step in ensuring the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all individuals – not just the ‘perfect’ or the born.”

Seven year old Dylan Magyar is the youngest of four boys.  Dylan is a skier and a wrestler. He also has Down Syndrome.  He brings an added joy to his family.  Jason, his father, can’t imagine life without him.


“We found out at 13 weeks that Dylan was going to have DS. It left us searching for answers and researching DS to the point of nausea. Once Dylan was born and the older Dylan gets, one thing is clear. He certainly has made our family stronger, more happy and more open minded. He is our glue and backbone. I definitely was not looking or hoping for a child with DS when we were pregnant. But, if we could go back in time, under no circumstances would I ever change the fact that Dylan has DS. His life has as much value as anyone else’s.”

Information on Ohio Right to Life’s legislative agenda for the 131st General Assembly can be found here.