History Made As Cuyahoga GOP Elects First Woman Chair

There is a changing of the guard at the Republican Party of Cuyahoga County (RPCC) following June’s reorganizational election. Lisa Stickan was elected Chairman of the Central Committee in a resounding victory over incumbent Rob Frost in an intra-party duel that resulted in a 206-113 vote.

Stickan, who has served as an officer of the party for over a decade, is currently the President of Highland Heights Council. She has a reputation as a skilled campaigner who has had great success running multiple candidates in municipal elections as well countywide. Her “boots on the ground” mentality is evidence that Stickan is ready to lead from day one.

“I look forward to serving as the first woman Chair of the RPCC Central Committee. I am committed to unifying our Republican grassroots and finance leaders to ensure the success of our candidates and party message,” Chairman Stickan stated.

As a former Young Republican National Federation Chair, Stickan organized many national deployments for targeted districts in federal races throughout the country. This bodes well for the future of the RPCC as Stickan is more than capable of hitting the ground running for the November elections. She also served as Chairman of the Ohio Young Republicans and Greater Cleveland Young Republicans. She also is the President of Greater Cleveland Republican Women.

“Over the coming weeks, your new RPCC leadership will conduct a top-level review of the Party and develop a strategy and plan to make our Party more connected to all of you, more energized, and transparent,” Stickan said. “Our goal is to make the RPCC competitive and influential in our local communities across our County to counter the pervasive staleness, corruption, and inaction of our Democratic opponents.”

The Executive Committee also made its mark by electing Donna Walker-Brown as the Committee’s first Black Chairman and also the first woman Chairman.

Walker-Brown has been active for years in the Inner City Republican Movement, which she founded and leads. The new Executive Committee Chair has long been active in GOP campaigns in the City of Cleveland.

With its reorganizational meeting behind it, the RPCC now is looking forward to November and victory for the President Trump and the rest of the Republican slate.