Why Isn’t Strickland Asked About $400 Million Iran Payoff? What (D)ifference Does It Make?

The media bias has been pretty remarkable this week, but it’s particularly obvious today.

News broke this week that the Obama Administration sent $400 million in foreign currency on an unmarked plane to Iran as they were releasing our hostages. This happened in January. And when President Obama announced the release of the prisoners, he didn’t mention anything about $400 million dollars.

It was a fly by night operation – literally. Not exactly something you would expect from someone who promised “the most transparent” administration in US History. Sending the better part of a billion dollars to an enemy is something that certainly demands transparency.

White House Press Secretary was asked about this very suspicious transaction that smells of a ransom payoff today. Given Iran’s funding of Hezbollah, he conceded that some of that Obama money may have ended up in the terrorist organization’s pockets.

“The president was quite forward-leaning in advance of the nuclear deal even being completed in acknowledging that we know that Iran supports terrorism,” Earnest said. “We know that Iran supports Hezbollah and the Assad regime, and it is certainly possible that some of the money that Iran has is being used for those purposes, too.”

Even the White House acknowledged that this money may have been redirected to Iran. This is terrifying and appalling.

While the press has been questioning the White House, where are the questions for elected officials and candidates who supported the Iran Deal? If a Republican was president, every Republican Senator and Congressman would be asked to weigh in on this. But, we don’t see that same accountability from the press with Democrats.

US Senate candidate and failed former governor Ted Strickland supported the Iran Deal. How does he feel about this $400 million and US taxpayers possibly funding Hezbollah? Does he think it’s shady to make this covert payoff and hide it for months? What about Sherrod Brown? He gave two big thumbs up to the deal?

Why aren’t their feet being held to the fire on these questions? Why is every Republican asked about Donald Trump, but the press doesn’t ask every Democrat about Hillary Clinton’s repeated lies and corruption? Why is he a source of angst to all Republicans but she isn’t to Democrats?

What (D)ifference does it make?


Justice O’Neill Says No To ODP & Strickland; Tells Dems To Leave Party

The Ohio Democratic Party has a bit of a problem.  Not every Democrat is lining up to support Ted Strickland in his bid for the US Senate.  The Ohio Democratic Party has been quick to try to suppress the primary challenge from Cincinnati Councilman PG Sittenfeld.

Supreme Court Justice Bill O’Neill is one of only two Democrats elected at the statewide level.  And O’Neill has taken to Facebook to proclaim his displeasure with Ted Strickland’s campaign and the party’s handling of the primary.

He actually advised people to leave the Democratic Party.



One of only two statewide Democratic elected officials is actually calling on Democrats to leave the party.  O’Neill took his concerns a step farther by accusing the Ohio Democratic Party of ethical concerns that smack of corruption.



These are some serious charges from a member of the state’s highest court.  The ODP’s coronation of Ed Fitzgerald’s gubernatorial race tanked their entire statewide ticket. The Chairman was ousted yet it appears that the Ohio Democratic Party’s civil war continues because of Ted Strickland.


Former Ohio Deputy Treasurer Ahmad (D) Arrested at Pakistani Airport

20111206_HandsCuffs Former Ohio Deputy Treasurer Amer Ahmad (D) was arrested at a Pakistani airport earlier this week.  Last Thursday, his wife sought an emergency order of protection because she was concerned that Ahmad would kidnap their children and take them to Pakistan. He was carrying a fake Mexican passport.

In December, Ahmad pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bribery when he was working for former Democratic State Treasurer Kevin Boyce.  He was using his position as part of a kickback and money laundering scheme which steered $3.2 million in commissions to his financial advisor and high school friend, Douglas Hampton.  Ahmad and two co-conspirators received $523,000 in kickbacks.

Hampton also funneled cash to lobbyist Mohammed Noure Alo.  Hampton pleaded guilty to federal corruption charges in August while Alo admitted guilt in December.

The Justice Department said that Alo admitted that he conspired with Ahmad and mortgage broker Joseph M. Chiavaroli, 33, of Chicago, to steer state brokerage business to Douglas Hampton, 39, a Canton securities broker. Justice Department officials said Hampton received $3.2 million in commissions for 360 trades on behalf of the treasurer’s office. In return, the Justice Department said, Hampton paid more than $500,000 to Ahmad and his co-conspirators.

After Boyce was tossed out by voters in 2010,  Democrat Ahmad took the skills he learned in the Treasurer’s office and became a City of Chicago Comptroller under Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

In 2008, then Governor Strickland was confident enough in Kevin Boyce’s experience and decision making abilities to appoint him to be Treasurer of the State of Ohio. While Ahmad awaits extradition to the United States from Pakistan, Boyce is serving in the Ohio House of Representatives where he was appointed in 2012 when Democrat Carlton Weddington resigned after being charged with bribery. He won his election to retain the seat in 2012.

School superintendent mobilizes students involuntarily against Kasich

Franklin City Schools Superintendent Arnol Elam has taken the outrageous step of enlisting his students to further a political agenda to unseat Governor John Kasich in the next election.

Arnol-ElamIn a letter sent home in kid’s backpacks, Elam calls for parents to join him in “an active campaign” to oppose Governor Kasich, involuntarily conscripting public school children to become political volunteers against the Governor.

“As parents and friends of our district, I hope you will do two things: First, please join me in an active campaign to ensure that Gov. Kasich and any legislator who supports him are not re-elected, ” he writes. Elam even posted the political letter to the district’s website.

Again, this is a letter sent in kids’ backpacks and posted to a public school district website (see screenshot here).

Not surprisingly, Stephen Dyer and the liberals at Innovation Ohio are supporting Elam and his use of state resources for political gain.Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 5.32.14 PM

As if that wasn’t enough, the letter’s assertions just aren’t true.

In the letter, Elam writes: “Governor John Kasich was untruthful last week, and in doing so, finally clarified that kids in poor school districts don’t count.”

He continues: “The governor’s funding plan, has taken from the children that attend the Franklin City Schools and gives to the rich, continues that discrimination.”

The real truth is, low-wealth districts will receive much more state aid than high-wealth districts.

Under Governor Kasich’s new school funding plan Ohio’s low-wealth and urban school districts receive more state aid than high wealth districts both as a portion of Ohio’s overall formula funding and also on a per-pupil basis. In fiscal year 2014, Ohio’s lowest-wealth districts would receive 155 precent of the state average per-pupil and 400 percent more than the highest-wealth districts. Ohio’s wealthiest school district by property value would receive just $110 per-pupil, while Ohio’s poorest district, Trumble Local in Athens County, would receive $7,678 per pupil in state aid.

$7,678 – that’s more per pupil than the 28 richest school districts – combined.

The change being made here is that Governor Kasich’s new plan prioritizes the students, rather than the bureaucracy. Many districts which, because of shrinking student numbers and rising property values, would have lost state formula aid will instead receive no less funds than they received last year. Every school district in Ohio will receive at least as much state aid as they did last year.

State funding for education has increased each year since Governor Kasich took office, where state funding is Department of Education state general revenue fund excluding property tax relief and lottery. For fiscal year 2015, funding levels exceed fiscal year 2011 actual spending by $1.18 billion.

But these truths only serve as inconveniences to Superintendent Elam, Innovation Ohio and the ODP.

Superintendent Elam can be reached at [email protected] or (937) 746-1699. Frankin City School Board President JoAnn Feltner can be reached at [email protected] or (937) 746-8583. The other board members’ contact information can be found here.

Kasich, Strickland comparison derailed

When it comes to John Kasich and Ted Strickland, the list of similarities pretty much ends at “governed Ohio.” Most would agree on that.

TedStill every now and again someone makes a ridiculous argument, the latest being this one.

The argument is essentially this: Kasich’s proposal to receive federal funding by expanding Medicaid “mirrors” Strickland’s wish to accept federal funding to build a high-speed rail system.

The problem is, Medicaid, unlike Strickland’s now trashed high-speed rail plan, is a program each state is federally required to provide. Without expanding Medicaid and accepting federal funding, the cost of uncompensated care to hospitals will lead premiums to rise as much as 1.7 percent, according to Americans For Prosperity.

That might not sound like all that much until you crunch the numbers.

The average family premium is more than $14,000 per year. If there were only 500,000 family health plans in Ohio (likely more than that with a state population of over 11 million) premiums would rise $121.8 million more per year for private sector health insurance paid for by workers and employers.

The Ohio Chamber of Commerce cites the increase in health insurance premium costs as its reason for backing Kasich’s proposed Medicaid expansion.

On the other hand, Kasich’s decision not to accept funding for high-speed rail didn’t cost Ohio a dime. In fact, turning it down saved the state some money. Yes, Ohio tax dollars paid to the federal government went to other states, but there was zero additional loss to turning down high-speed rail like there would be without a Medicaid expansion.

There are plenty of opinions, but no matter what your thoughts are on the proposed Medicaid expansion, the fact is it isn’t comparable whatsoever to Strickland’s slow-speed rail fiasco.