Dave Yost Calls For Investigation Into Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Harvesting

The video released by the Center for Medical Progress yesterday turned stomachs throughout the country. Planned Parenthood’s top doctor details how they “crush” babies in a manner that will preserve their most profitable organs which they then traffic.

State Auditor Dave Yost was the first Ohio statewide elected official to speak out on the video. Third Base Politics reached out to him today. He had harsh words for this type of activity and he highlights that it is illegal in Ohio.

“I am sickened, nauseated by the callousness of this videotaped discussion. I would like to reserve judgment — but even Planned Parenthood is not denying that the tape is genuine, only complaining about the editing. It clearly is what it seems to be — a doctor laying out in gruesome detail how to avoid damaging the most valuable parts of a baby during an abortion, and then selling them.

“The fact of the matter is that it is a crime in Ohio to “sell the product of conception that is aborted.” (ORC 2919.14) Planned Parenthood claims they make no money from this practice, that the only money they receive is for “costs.” That’s utter nonsense.

“If a drug dealer “donated” his product in exchange for being paid for his costs, I’d still ask a grand jury to indict him for trafficking in drugs. The sophistry is no more useful when employed by Planned Parenthood. This matter warrants full investigation at both the state and federal levels.”

As Yost states, Planned Parenthood doesn’t complain or deny the doctor detailing how they sell baby parts. Rather, they whined that the video was edited. The way a video is edited has no bearing on the ethical and legal implications of trafficking baby parts.

The bottom line is that this is illegal. And if it is happening in Ohio, it certainly should be prosecuted. As Yost said, ORC 2919.14 is clear on this issue.

(A) No person shall experiment upon or sell the product of human conception which is aborted. Experiment does not include autopsies pursuant to sections 313.13 and 2108.50 of the Revised Code.

(B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of abortion trafficking, a misdemeanor of the first degree.

The Center for Medical Progress has released the unedited video of the conversation which negates any of Planned Parenthood’s concerns regarding slicing of the video.

And remember that Planned Parenthood is taxpayer funded. In fiscal year 2014, they received $1.3 million from the State of Ohio alone. The fact that we are funding this monstrosity makes it even more disgusting.



Desperate For Any Traction, Carney Throws A Hail Mary Of Lies

The Ohio Democratic Party has had an awful year.  The personal and political shortcomings of Ed Fitzgerald will likely lead to a Republican sweep of the statewide races.  It’s time for some desperate moves.  And Democrat John Patrick Carney, who is running for Auditor of State, has thrown his Hail Mary.  Sadly, Carney’s own campaign has admitted that his Hail Mary is nothing more than a lie.

Carney is running an ad claiming that Yost spent $7 per cup of coffee on attendees at a fraud and waste conference.  The price was instead per person for the duration of the conference, not per cup as Carney’s lie claimed. With 500 attendees and a final price of $1690, the coffee price for each person for the entire event was $3.38. Quite a difference than the $7 per cup that Carney claimed. Even the media has noticed that Carney has a trouble with truthfulness.

In the Auditor of State debate, Carney seemed to not be able to grasp the role of the position.  He even blamed Yost for school funding when that issue is to be taken up with the legislature, of which Carney is a member.

“Unfortunately, what has happened here in the state is the worst schools are getting the most money out of the folks in office.”

The Auditor of State doesn’t get to vote on legislation.  Carney should realize this. He is either incompetent on this issue or lying again in an attempt to mislead voters.

Yost has had a history of challenging both Republicans and Democrats as Auditor of State. This is something Carney is unable to truthfully claim as he has voted 95% of the time with State Representative Chris Redfern, who doubles as the Ohio Democratic Party Chairman.

Yost has been running a rather positive campaign which focuses on his accomplishments in office.  His ads are upbeat and unlike Carney, they aren’t centered around a blatant lie.