Teachers prove they are smarter than Ted Strickland.

Ted Strickland caught a lot of grief for using massive quantities of federal stimulus dollars to pay for Ohio’s education program. Rightly so, many said it will create a massive gap in services when those dollars dry up.

Well, it seems a whole lot of teachers understand how government works a lot better than Ted Strickland.

More than half of Ohio school districts decided against seeking federal stimulus dollars, worried about government mandates and the future of such funding.

Fifty-seven percent of Ohio’s 600-plus public school districts decided not to join the Ohio Department of Education’s application for the government’s “Race to the Top” funding.

The government stimulus packaged included $4.3 billion in competitive education grants for states, who must amend education laws and policies to compete.

Suzanne Larsen, president of the teachers’ union at Middletown schools, which did not seek the money, says teachers were worried about what would happen when the one-time money disappeared.

One thought on “Teachers prove they are smarter than Ted Strickland.”

  1. No they weren’t – they were scared to death of the accountability attached to the Race to the Top funds. Teachers would have been evaluated – you know for actually doing their jobs – and there are changes in the tenure agreements if you take the funds. Teachers Unions will put their tenure and laziness ahead of our kids everytime.

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