Ted’s announcing…..tomorrow? Seriously?

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Governor Strickland has found someone to agree to be his running mate. And he’s announcing it tomorrow.

Interestingly enough, Jello Ted has chosen the absolutely worst possible news day in weeks past or to come to announce his pick for Lieutenant Governor.

As we all know, space in the news cycle is finite. There’s only so much attention that can be paid to everything that goes on in this great land of ours.

And Ted has chosen the same day as the special election in Massachusetts that has gripped the political world to announce his pick.

In other words, Ted wants this pick to be lost in the news cycle. Even waiting just one or two days would provide a massive difference in the amount of coverage the pick would receive.

The question is, why is he trying to minimize coverage? Is the pick that bad? Is it so obvious a third tier choice as we were reporting this weekend? Marsha Ryan? Zach Space? Yvette McGee Brown?

We’ll see tomorrow at 2:30!

UPDATE: The Dispatch is reporting a high likelihood that the pick will be Yvette McGee Brown. As we mentioned last week, it’s not an awful pick, but it’s clearly not a first or second tier pick that a Eric Fingerhut or Tim Ryan were known to be.

And of course, we all know who reported Yvette McGee Brown first.

Not bad sources for a Republican in Virginia, eh?

I’m also hearing that McGee Brown may have some poor ratings from the Bar Association; something to do with temperament or some such. I’ll be trying to get confirmation on that if indeed she is the pick.

And finally, do ya think Strickland could be more transparent on why he made the pick? Yeesh.

7 thoughts on “Ted’s announcing…..tomorrow? Seriously?”

  1. Modern, that second link is time stamped 8 hours after DJ tweeted his scoop. Looks like his sources are STILL better than yours and the MSM.

  2. Remember, Modern had no scoop. It is easy to be right when you never made a prediction.

    If Strickland makes this pick, it will be DJTablesauce 2 – Modern Esquire 0.

    Also, it IS interesting that Strickland is making his pick tomorrow when it is sure to buried on page six.

  3. Ha! Anonymous got a chance to nail Modern on this before I did. Damn.

    You’d think a lawyer would know how to read a timestamp. Guess not.

    Uberfail. How embarrassing.

    So yep. DJ T is about to go 2-0.

    Pretty amusing also how Modern ignore the theme of the post – that the announcement tomorrow shows just how much the Strickland folks want to bury the story. Amazing.

    As for the “transparency” issue. The timing of the announcement refutes that as well. Kasich announced Taylor at a time where it would get maximum coverage and discussion would be about Taylor’s bio and qualifications.

    Strickland on the other hand obviously doesn’t think her bio is something to be showed off. Instead he simply wants a female name and a demographic appeased. Shameful.

  4. Maybe we should rename the guy Masochist Esquire.

    The guy gets constantly debunked and thoroughly embarrassed, yet he keeps coming back. But he does keep this a high EV (entertainment value) site.

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