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The 3BPOscar Awards

As many spent their Sunday night reliving the wondrous year in film, here at 3BP, we reviewed the year in politics, and awarded those who stood out above, or below, the rest. And the 3BPOscar goes to….


Best Actress


This was a tough choice for the academy, but we decided that for her role in attempting to act as a viable Lieutenant Governor candidate, Sharen Neuhardt wins the 3BPOscar. A twice failed candidate for Congress, Mrs. Neuhardt has pulled out all the acting tricks to deceive Ohioans into thinking she could be a good Lt. Governor. In one of the best acting performances we have seen in a while, Mrs. Neuhardt is acting excited to be Mr. FizGerald second choice after the botched nomination of State Senator Eric Kearney, who has thousands of dollars in owed taxes. Her acting performance was topped off by pretending to represent the views of Ohioans even though she holds radical views on abortions. For her acting job that all Ohioans see through, the 3BPoscar surly belongs to Sharen Neuhardt.


Best Actor


Industry experts and causal political observers won’t be surprised by this year’s 3BPOscar winner for Best Actor. His lying is known throughout the Buckeye State and is even building a nationwide reputation for deceit. Congratulations to the Ohio Democratic Party Communications Director, Jerid Kurtz, for being the Actor of the Year. Time and time again, Mr. Kurtz has shown his willingness to trick Ohioans. From twisting the truth about common sense election reform to lying to Ohio School Board members right to their face. Jerid will keep up the act, but Ohioans know he, and the Ohio Democratic Party, are just liars.

Best Visual Editing


In the failed rollout of Eric Kearney for Lt. Gov, we saw an incredible showing of how visual editing can help you lie to Ohioans. In an attempt to cover up the lack of enthusiasm for Eddy Fitz, his campaign used a small dining room to announce their first Lt. Governor pick, creating the illusion of a lot of people in attendance. But the fact is there are less than 25 people in attendance because FitzGerald is a lackluster candidate. Congrats to Ohio Dems and the FitzGerald campaign as you continue to try to deceive Ohioans and cover up your failing campaign. Here is our 3BPOscar for Best Visual Editing.

Best Director


For his role in leading the disastrous Ohio Democratic Party, the 3BPOscar for Best Director goes to Chairman Chris Redfern. Mr. Redfern has overseen and directed many major mess-ups and mishaps, and 2013-2014 was no exceptions. With the pick of Ed Fitzgerald for governor, the ODP was relegated to selecting a third tier candidate for the State’s executive. Chairman Redfern’s job to unite the party behind a candidate has clearly not been accomplished. Todd Portune, Hamilton County Democrat, was one step away from running against Fitz for the Democratic nomination. Democratic Mayor of Zanesville Jeff Tilton said of FitzGerald, “I’m not that impressed with the guy, to tell you the truth.” Well Mayor, neither is Ohio.

Redfern furthermore has had to guide FitzGerald in his attempt to find a Lieutenant Governor. After failing to nominate Eric Kearney for the office, Redfern and the Dems were left to scramble and nominate yet another third tier candidate in Sharen Neuhardt. So for overseeing the disastrous campaign that is FitzGerald-Kearney-Neuhardt ticket and a dysfunctional and divided party, Mr. Redfern is awarded the 3BPOscar for Best Director.

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