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The News Cycle: The Lord giveth, and he taketh away…

As we know, later today Ted Strickland will select Yvette McGee Brown as his running mate. In last night’s post, I was able to highlight how I was the first to leak her name as the candidate being offered the gig last Tuesday. Since then, my posts have wondered whether she was ever going to make up her mind and take the spot so many other Democrats(Tim Ryan, Eric Fingerhut, Todd Portune, etc.) had seemingly turned down.

We also know the McGee Brown announcement won’t get the coverage most campaigns crave when selecting a running mate.

For some mindboggingly strange reason, the Strickland team felt of all days available to choose, that it was necessary to unveil their pick on the same day as the groundbreaking election in Massachusetts. As I’ve said before, news coverage is finite, and if Strickland really wanted the best possible PR for his choice, he would have waited at least a day or two.

But that was their choice. Fine. So be it.

What wasn’t their choice was the news that came out this evening – the date of the President’s State of the Union. For a couple weeks the President’s staff has been debating whether to hold the SOTU until Obamacare could be passed, giving the President the chance to brag about his enormously unpopular policy initiative….and tick off a whole lot of Lost fans who didn’t want the season premiere preempted.

Well, it seems the President has chosen the smoke monster over Ted Strickland. The SOTU will be held on January 27th – the exact same day Strickland is set to give the State of the State address.


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