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Our guest blogger, Thanksforyourtaxes, has some words for Obama and his handling of the Pirate Crisis.

There have been crates of articles covering President Obama’s foreign policy blunders. Rarely by the mainstream media, of course, but by independent and web authors. For the first time though, I think this ineptitude is hitting home for the American people. The Somali pirate crisis (no, its not just an issue, there are American lives at stake, hence CRISIS), added to the events of this past week, show the lack of backbone or willingness to use a ‘big stick’ in this administration.

Starting with the President’s Europe trip, his speeches were European in style and policy. He’s a true political chameleon, but we already knew that from observing his transition from Senator to Candidate to President Obama. He may be the first president go out of his way to avoid putting our nation first. When he discussed the past administration on his trip he was quoted as saying:

“America has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.”

Instead of recognizing US citizens that have given their lives to save European countries, he appears to hold contempt for his country on foreign soil.

Unapologetic, submissive, liberal diplomacy.

Instead of restoring America’s standing on the world stage, he has humiliated his own country. Apologizing to Europe for the Iraq war? Why? Just to gain political favor? This falls in line with what Obama told his supporters he would do: improve relations with foreign countries to accomplish larger goals. But look at the results — no additional NATO combat troops for Afghanistan from mainland Europe and a deafening silence from other countries now involved in the hostage crisis.

We have a military. We have a special forces trained for these kinds of situations.

But we see the President doing nothing. I am not abdicating a full-scale invasion and mitigation of another civil war in the least, but targeted strikes using our supposed international intelligence community would be a big win for Obama and the families of those held hostage, and America.

These pirates are economically motivated, as terrorists are politically motivated, but I am sure terrorists view (and are told) the pirates are winning great battles against the United States. Similar to the now-Hollywood imbued knowledge that Afghanis did not know that it was the US who saved them from the Soviets, the lack of information in the middle east could turn this crisis into a different monster that affects more than just a few American families.

My heart and prayers go out to these families.

UPDATE (from DJ Tablesauce): Latest word is that the pirates are demanding $2 million for the American hostage.

Ok, here’s the plan:

  1. Give them the money.
  2. Get our hostage.
  3. Blow them to all hell.

America never has, and shouldn’t start negotiating with terrorists.

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