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The Tea Party movement has worked. has been doing a great job documenting the increasing number of heated confrontations at the “town halls” or “listening sessions” being conducted by the majority members of Congress as they go out to their districts to promote health care reform.

Democrats are complaining, and often whining about “mob rule”.

Well, as Malkin so perfectly points out, mob rule isn’t challenging your political leaders with debate and opposing points of view, as voters are doing each day over August recess.

This is mob rule.

Protestors shut down Minutemen Speech at Columbia University

The Tea Party movement was meant to recharge Americans. It was meant to challenge those who believe the government can run our lives better than we can. It was meant to revitalize debate. It was meant to tell each freedom-loving American to go back to their own community and win the fight at the local level.

And it’s worked.

Clearly, Democratic congressional leadership is shocked at how their August recess strategy has been rebuffed.

Have there been times when there’s been more yelling than there was honest debate and discussion? Sure. But the majority of Tea Partiers have been conducting themselves the right way – by challenging their elected representatives to stand up for what their community believes is right and just.

And they’re winning.

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